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A Doctor’s Advice: Why You Should Consider An Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Chronic Pain

Virtually all symptoms and illnesses are the result of inflammation and everything affects everything. Other than breathing and water, food is the most essential for life itself. Following an anti-inflammatory diet for chronic pain is effective and fairly simple. Eighty percent of your food should be vegetables and fruits and twenty percent protein. Since the […]

8 Natural Anti-Anxiety Remedies That Really Work (According To An MD)

Anxiety is the major emotional/mental distress facing Americans today. Most turn to anti-anxiety drugs to alleviate their symptoms, but anti-anxiety drugs are among the worst of all pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, natural anti-anxiety remedies are thousands of times safer and more effective than any mood drug!  All mood drugs are addicting and never cure anxiety or depression.  […]

Sugar Blues – The Dark Side of Sweet

William Duffy’s book SUGAR BLUES should have been the death knell to the exorbitant use of sugar (sucrose). Of course, half a century earlier Price and Pottenger (NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION) had scientifically documented the role of sugar and white flour as major contributors to DISEASE, ranging from dental decay to atherosclerosis and cancer, especially […]

The Best Way To Deal With Depression

Depression affects 40% of people at least part of each year, and some individuals are depressed many years of their lives. This is most common in children who are not nurtured adequately or are abused.  Unfortunately, many individuals believe the only way to deal with depression is to take medication. Antidepressant drugs are among the […]

How To Alleviate Anxiety Without Drugs

Anxiety is a reaction to stress or fear of any kind—death, invalidism, abandonment, poverty, loss of love, or loss of faith in God. Always ask the question: Can I fix it or change it? Do I have the strength or ability to change it? – If so, go for change! If not, nothing to do […]

Georgianne Ginder – Great Wisdom in this Pandemic World 2020

Georgianne Ginder – Great Wisdom in this Pandemic World 2020 Corona Coronation Correlation Emperor, Ruler, Queen, perhaps King What crown are you wearing? –And….that message you’re zinging?– What song do you sing? Ruler, Potentate, King, or then, Queen What “God” do you worship; Which truth have you seen? Virus goes viral Virtual Vein (Vain) Spreading and threading […]