Emperor, Ruler, Queen, perhaps King
What crown are you wearing?
–And….that message you’re zinging?–
What song do you sing?
Ruler, Potentate, King, or then, Queen
What “God” do you worship;
Which truth have you seen?
Virus goes viral
Vein (Vain)
Spreading and threading
Fear, Stress, Shock, and Pain
So, that ‘crown’ you are choosing-
Have you paused to ask why
What is it that you treasure-
Just what truth did you buy?
The course that you follow
The world you create
Who and what continue to guide you-
Determines your fate?
Now’s a good time to breathe,
Pause and wait
Now is the moment to review; contemplate
What, Who and Why
Where, How and When
Ruler, Leader, Follower, Soul
How to lose….
Then regain control?
What in this lifetime
Has helped you be whole
What in this lifetime
Is your calling…your goal?
Georgianne Ginder
March 18, 2020
This is just one of many of my researched and intuited responses to the Corona VIRUS
As I ponder–
Another virus. I survived a horrible one almost fifty years ago. I suffered years of agony because of this virus. EB, CB…just names to me. Hospitalized too. Johns Hopkins even…A puzzle. A miserable mystery. No one could really say…. It lies dormant too-still does- just waiting to pounce. Life presents various “pouncers” that can and do trip each and every one…up. Some pouncers just are and then too others are by design. The question is what do and will we do to find our way each and every day…..kindfully, mindfully, wisely, carefully, prayerfully, spiritually, nutritionally, lovingly, humbly, less greedily, sharingly and so on….and on…..
That would be a good virus…being virtuous!
About now…Every nation is a corona-nation….
Corona. A word on everyone’s lips….And we are fearful. And why not? Should we not take pause to question who— and what—oh- MY O MY why is it that we follow–the various paths, instructions, steps and orders that we lock-step often do…
Bombarded with cancerousness ever hour of every day. Messages that we believe are true and so we act accordingly.
I question and question and seldom accept what the market brings.
—If making wars and weapons of all sorts of mass corruption and destruction versus holistic construction continues to be commonplace…Ho hum!…Just how to poison, toxify, kill, maim and destroy just about EVERYTHING -with abandon and usually for power and for pride and monetary profit- on this planet is the ‘way to go,’ and we turn blind eyes and deaf ears to just about anything so we can climb the ladder, or for many just get through another hubotic day…. [Hubot is a term I thought of about 20 years ago…and poems and stories on that subject I continue to chart. Hubot is the amalgam of human and robot and the various stages of the transformation. Many are now at the Doughbot stage. Malleable as the Pillsbury Dough Boy and bought off by $$$$.]
I ponder and I continue to investigate, cogitate, study and pray.
As my studies continue I explore the connection of the words in the title of this observational poetry. Webster defines ‘corona’ (Greek…korone-wreath)…1. a crown or something like a crown. 2. In anatomy, the upper part of a tooth, a skull, etc. 3. In astronomy, a circle of light around the sun or moon. The halo around the sun during a total eclipse (emphasis mine). 4. In botany, the cuplike part on the inner side of the corolla of certain flowers. 5. In electricity a sometime visible electric discharge around a CONDUCTOR (my emphasis) at high potential (emphasis mine).
Reading the definitions of words and especially those words [who or that] share the same root or similar one anyway is exquisitely beneficial.  Food for mind, heart and soul.
Corona [From the Greek–meaning wreath]
The wreath on the door
Says much, perhaps more
About those who reside
And how they abide*…
In that abode
With a wreath
On the door….
* Abide-to stand fast; remain
Poetry? Read at your own benefit!
Georgianne Ginder


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