Why you need stress management tools for your health & wellbeing

Have you ever been stressed out?Haven’t we all. ** Insert Eye Roll** Maybe you’ve been dealing with one of the most stressful life events, which includes the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, starting a new job, moving, financial issues….  Or maybe you lived through 2020. It’s safe to say that 2020 alone […]

7 Reasons Dr. Shealy Loves the Gamma PEMF®

I created the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® after I had created many other electro-therapeutic devices. It was actually based upon the intuition I had developed and honed during the development of the other electro-therapeutic devices. In medical school, I became fascinated with the electrical nature of the brain and body. My first creations were electro-acupuncture, TENS […]

Spiritual Healing

For 45 years I have studied and worked with great spiritual healers. I have written about this in two books and have demonstrated that they can strikingly affect the EEG from up to 1000 miles away. In any significant illness, no matter what else you choose, I recommend adding spiritual healing. My top recommendation is […]