Sugar Blues – The Dark Side of Sweet

Sugar cubes in a silver bowl next to a tea pot and lemons

William Duffy’s book SUGAR BLUES should have been the death knell to the exorbitant use of sugar (sucrose). Of course, half a century earlier Price and Pottenger (NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION) had scientifically documented the role of sugar and white flour as major contributors to DISEASE, ranging from dental decay to atherosclerosis and cancer, especially of the colon. Much of this took place before the plague of McDonald’s and its fast-food clones, the increased processing of food and the maddening array of artificial additives.

And sugar certainly contributes to the epidemic of depression.

There are only 4 primary tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Most of the overtones to these tastes come from the wide array of aromas that are part of food’s enticement. It is hard to fathom why such artificial and unhealthy practices as additions of sugar, white flour and white rice became staples. None of these is NATURAL. All are much inferior to the original products. All are deficient in fiber, minerals and vitamins, all of which are essential for health and life. White flour has NO fiber and is oxymoronically ‘enriched’ with one-seventh the normal content of B 6. Sugar has ZERO, ZIP, NO nutrient VALUE. Indeed, it sucks vital nutrients from whatever other sources you have.

ARTIFICIAL sweetners such as aspartame, ‘UNEQUAL’ and Splenda are chemical slop at best and toxins at worst. These and saccharine are not food and should be abandoned by anyone with an IQ of 90 and above. And for those with lower IQ, these nonsense chemicals may be even worse! Aspartame at least significantly worsens obesity, migraine, epilepsy and hypertension. And constantly stimulating your sweet tooth is a major assistant to developing insulin malfunctions.

Are there any good, healthy sweets? Yes, of course. Fruits and honey. For almost all people these are healthier and more desirable than any other sweet-tasting foods. Honey is sweeter than sugar, tastes better and is an excellent antioxidant.

Incidentally, xylitol has been touted as a great substitute and it may be minimally better than sugar. However, it does raise blood sugar, cause release of insulin and has led to serious complications even in dogs! Its only use might be as a nasal spray in children with frequent ear infections, where regular use does appear to be helpful.

Fructose is also not healthier although it is twice as sweet as sugar so that less is needed to satisfy sweetness.

Now, if you are really healthy, eat an otherwise good diet, etc, I do not feel a need to be a total nihilist. For healthy people an occasional dose of sugar may be fine. Especially if it is in dark chocolate!

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