Turn Back Your Age with Your Benefits

How often have you said, “Now that I’m [insert an age] I’m too old to [insert an activity: go back to school, learn a language, fall in love, learn to dance, drive at night, get fit…]?”

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re 25 or 90 years old, the clock always seems to be ticking. You can’t do the things you’d love to do, or if you can, you’re worried about the day you won’t be able to do them anymore.

But this doesn’t have to be so!

I have a truly eye-opening video to share with you today that’s going blow away your beliefs about what causes our aging. It will reveal secrets to you that will have you turning back the clock with just your thoughts!

New science is proving just how powerful our mind is in preventing (or causing) illness, developing our brains and learning new skills, and with slowing down (or speeding up!) our aging!

The video, with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Christiane Northrup, is a must watch:

Some of what Dr. Northrup talks about in this video includes:

  • Why you should never share your age (she has a very good reason for this and it’s not what you think).
  • The difference between your chronological vs biological age (the good news is you can turn back your biological age!)
  • How to be an “outlier” that lives a longer and healthier life.
  • The three commonalities that all centenarians have in common that let them live past 100 with life and vibrancy.
  • The “nun study” about dementia that is showing that the symptoms for dementia (and many other illnesses) aren’t as accurate as we think (and how big a role our belief systems actually play in this)
  • Why you need to guard your mind vigilantly when receiving a “diagnosis” because of the effect it alone has on your health.
  • Any much more!

If you want to slow down the hands of time, watch this video:


The video is being released in the lead up to the 11th Annual Tapping World Summit, an online event that has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 10 years (Wow!). This event is 100% content and well worth attending. I highly recommend showing up for it since it’s free to attend and learning how to use Tapping can dramatically improve your life.


Rewiring Your Brain


Is your brain wired for negative thinking?

I have a video to share with you today that I think will change your life, and I don’t say that lightly. But before you watch it, let me first say this… A lot of people really beat themselves up over “negative thinking,” and you may be one of them. And they often feel frustrated with constantly feeling like they can’t get out of patterns of negative emotions, like anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt, shame and more… And while it is, of course, true that in order to create the life we want today, changing our thinking to be more positive, along with changing our emotions, is extremely important and effective for reaching our goals, there’s more to the picture than meets the eye. What most people don’t realize is that.. Negative thinking and negative emotional patterns are actually hardwired into the brain, in one of the most ancient parts of it. Negative thinking specifically is there for a very important reason, which you’ll learn about in the video I’m sharing with you today. If you want to eliminate your negative thinking and negative emotions, so that you can become the most confident, fulfilled, healthy and successful version of yourself, then watch this video as it will change your life:


This video was just put out by my friend and New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner. It shares fascinating information about this primitive part of the brain that holds us back, why it’s not your fault if you think negatively (like I said, it happens for a reason), and what you can do about it. In the video, Nick will also show you how you can use a technique known as Tapping to literally rewire the neuropathways of the brain to create the life you want (it’s been scientifically proven to do so). He’ll even take you through a simple yet powerful Tapping process with you that will have you instantly feeling positive, energized, and empowered to move your life in the direction you want. Make sure to check it out here. Here’s the reality about negative thinking… It’s hard-wired in our brain for a reason and not easy to overcome unless you have a technique or tool to overcome it. If you feel you get stuck in patterns of negative thinking, take a breath, and know that it’s not your fault. But know that there IS something you can do about it. With this simple video, you’ll learn how to use EFT Tapping to get past this primitive part of the brain and remove the negative thinking, limiting beliefs and chronic negative emotions that stifle our ability to grow and create the life we want.


Enjoy! Norm

P.S. – Nick is releasing this video as part of the lead up to his 11th Annual Tapping World Summit, starting on February 25th. This event has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 10 years. It is a truly life-transforming event that you don’t want to miss out on.


The Wisdom of The Child

How to Connect with the Wisdom of a Child

Emma’s book The Divine Child is a luminous and heart-filled exploration of the wisdom inherent in children and how we can learn from them. It is so gracious of her to offer you a free copy! To get your copy, follow these simple steps:

  • Please go to www.thedivinechild.org/free.
  • Enter the password free book and click Go.
  • Click the “Free eBook — Click Here” graphic in the center of the following page for your own PDF copy

Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System

An 83-minute movie shot all around the world over a three-year period. It documents Bill Bennett’s journey to find the source of a voice which saved his life.

The movie features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, including Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality, and discusses what is intuition, how it works, and how we can access it to lead a more enriching life. Making the film changed Bill’s life – watching it could change yours.


How to Work Safely with Traumatic Memory

How do we work with a client’s traumatic memory when it’s embedded in their nervous system? That’s what the experts get into in the latest free release from the Treating Trauma Master Series. My friends at NICABM are broadcasting this info-packed module on Wednesday and Thursday, multiple times throughout the day. The top 3 experts in treating trauma will share all the current thinking on how to help clients heal from traumatic memory.

You’ll hear all the latest developments in:

  • How the Nervous System Gets Tricked into Thinking Trauma is Happening in the Present
  • The Core Problem with Focusing on a Client’s Traumatic History
  • How to Help Clients “Unlearn” Their Nervous System’s Response to Trauma
  • What Can Go Wrong When We’re Helping a Client Come Out of a Dissociated State
  • How Trauma Derails the Time-Keeping Part of the Brain (and One Way to Bring It Back)
  • The One Key Factor That Can Make Traumatic Memory Overwhelming (and How to Work with It)

This session is completely free to watch at the time of broadcast. It will air multiple times Wednesday and Thursday – here’s your link to sign up and choose the time that’s right for you.

In fact, you can watch all the remaining modules of this 5-part trauma series for free. You can also upgrade to become a Gold Subscriber and get all the videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and bonus sessions to keep forever in your permanent library. And CE/CME credits are also available. These sessions fill up fast. Last week, 26,409 practitioners from 98 countries around the world tuned in to watch the free broadcast on trauma and attachment. The new session on traumatic memory is up next, so I hope you’ll check it out.


PS Working with Traumatic Memory That’s Embedded in the Nervous System is broadcasting soon. Here’s the link again to sign up and watch for free [email protected]

Read this masterpiece on the key to happiness!

“The physical heart is the organ, which fails more often than any other. Heart Chi Gong is a masterful approach for releasing the cumulative psychological trauma underlying all heart disease. Highly recommended!”

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD.
Founder and CEO of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine

Learn more here

Scaler Energy Healing with Debra Moffitt

I recently appeared on Debra Moffitt’s program to talk about my recent work with scaler energy healing. Scalar zero point energy, enhanced with sapphire, is the most effective stress reducing, health restoration approach known.

Listen to more Divinely Inspired Living here »

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Living the Truth

Living the Truth
Whistleblowers, Speaker-Uppers, Way Showers
Honesty Goers,
Dignity Growers
To keep that job he ‘lived ‘ a lie
To excel and get ahead
And when the tension grew too tough
He popped some pills instead
Instead of facing what was wrong
Since incongruency won’t and can’t belong…
…The body-soul sings its wake-up song…
He covered up the growing dread
As many tend to do
Blocking what he knew was truth
Yet the lie kept coursing through…
And when he sensed he’d had enough,
Could not ignore the stress and pain
His body-mind spoke up one day
To warn and offer gain-
Live your truth; forgo the game
Holistic health must be our aim…
We often tend to live a lie
Since the culture demands so much
And when we live in danger zones
We grow more out of touch
LIVE A TRUTH and live to grow
Respect what we have come to know:
Live a truth
The spirit-soul exists (awaits) to show.
Living a Life versus Living a Lie
No matter how ‘short’ or just how ‘long’
Disharmony renders one less strong

Georgianne Ginder
July 17, 2017

Trying to Remember



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This is a well written reflection on the human condition that I recommend to anyone who needs some perspective on who we really are. Tom has generously made Trying to Remember available for anyone who needs such a reminder. You can get a copy by the book by writing to Tom at [email protected], and he will send you a free PDF. Tom also gives permission to copy and distribute his book. Take the chance to enjoy the words of this Charlottesville writer, and share it with a friend as well.
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions was written 1884 by Edwin A. Abbot. In it the author describes a 2-dimensional world inhabited by 2-dimensional beings. When these beings encounter a 3-dimensional reality, they can only perceive it from a 2-dimensional viewpoint. Author of Trying to Remember Tom Hansen uses the ideas from Flatland to describe how the human experience is just as limited. We think we live in a 3-dimensional world and interpret what we experience from this perspective, while in reality, there is an unlimited reality that we can access. The title of the book refers to the fact that we have created this 3-dimensional experience, and then forgotten where we came from.

Tom takes the reader on a humorous journey describing the human condition in an easy-to-understand way. Tom writes: “We need to remember that our True Selves are divine, powerful, unlimited, expanding, faithful, and the creators of loving manifestation …”


[email protected]

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If It’s My Last by Dr. Amelia Kemp



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If It’s My Last

I have often said I would like to go out of this life listening to Gregorian chants. I doubt most of have a chance to choose the ambience. However Dr. Amelia Kemp has produced a wonderful piece for use in hospice, etc and offers it free:

www.DrAmeliaKemp.com or  UR2.Global

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