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How To Stimulate A Depressed Immune System

A basic key to total health is the immune system.  Although you usually think of immunity as resistance to infections, immune health also requires resistance to cancer and autoimmune diseases. For all these problems you need to know how to stimulate a depressed immune system. A depressed immune system is responsible for a huge majority […]

Highly Effective Alternative Therapy for Depression

Highly effective alternative therapy for depression does not include antidepressant drugs! Antidepressant drugs are among the worst drugs, with rare major improvement and significant increased risk of suicide. Four major scientific articles say the pHARMacoMafia did not allow publishing of 75% of negative studies! Meanwhile, the Holistic treatment of depression works well for at least […]

Big Pharma

From a favorite Holistic Physician: http://duluthreader.com/search?search_term=Duty+to+Warn&p=2; Duty to Warn Big Pharma is the Most Distrusted Industry in America And Big Medicine is Third, Just Behind the Federal Government (Two Parts) October 29, 2019 (2365 words) 1)       Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings (Because it is the Most Hated, Distrusted and Corrupt Industry in […]

Common Sense – Supplements

Supplements In today’s toxic world, remember that there is NO possible ORGANIC food, as 65% of all rain has Roundup® POISON in it!!!!! Most Americans also are fed by insane politicians FLUORIDE, which damages IQ, fertility, the pineal, etc! Get at least a fluoride removing filter for all drinking and cooking water! All adults should […]

2020 Lectures and Workshops

2020 Lectures and Workshops March 20-21 Graduate Institute Bethany, CT Contact [email protected] ENERGY HEALING Understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual roots of health Recognizing that everything is Energy—physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, chemical, electrical Physical, chemical, emotional, mental, spiritual, electromagnetic, nuclear stressors Symptom Index, Total Life Stress Test, Zung Self-Regulation: Autogenic training, Biogenics Nutrition Transcutaneous Acupuncture […]