Healthy Longevity Begins in 2019

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How to Research and Find the Best Hemp Derived CBD Oil for You Sessee Eartheart Email: [email protected] Phone: 812.345.2030 Here are the questions most often asked about CBD or Hemp Oil products: a. How can I tell if it is a high quality and effective brand? b. How can I tell if I am getting […]

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Conversations with G: A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven

Conversations with G mixes healing and angelic presences into a unique, spiritual autobiographical tale. C. Norman Shealy’s sometimes engaging memoir Conversations with G explores healing and wholeness. The book is both a how-to and a memoir. It includes entertaining accounts from Shealy’s youth, such as moments he spent with psychics who seemed to possess intuitive […]

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Due to promising initial trial results, we are now conducting a double-blind, placebo-controlled Clinical Study on the effects of the natural, side-effect-free product DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X on Diabetes Type 2, and autoimmune diseases present in conjunction. We are presently accepting applicants for the Study which is now underway. Applicants may contact Dr. Sergey Sorin at the […]

G and the creation of the Sacred Rings

An excerpt from Conversations with G – A year after receiving the Ring of Fire, out of the blue G said “Norman, I have another Ring for you. This one is the Ring of Air and you will say it is for simultaneity of thought. That is what you are to call it. It assists holographic thinking. It will assist in advancing consciousness, mental creativity and symbolic thinking. It will help integration and non-separatism and advance mystical insight. When stimulated with the Ring of Earth, which I will give you later, it will help autism, Down’s syndrome and rage.”

My closest spiritual counselor – I call him G for guide.

Headshot of Dr. C. Norman Shealy.

An excerpt from “Conversations with G – A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven” – In December 1984 a new phase developed in my dance with the divine. For some time I had been musing on the idea that we all have a personal angel. One night I awoke at midnight totally wired and could not go back to sleep. Suddenly I began hearing voices, 14 of them.

Go for GAMMA!

HIGH GAMMA LEVELS are associated with high intelligence, creativity, happiness, compassion, self-control.

The greatest health restorer discovered

As little as 9 hours a week has been found to reduce adrenomedullin, the single most important measurement of cumulative stress. Just three hours exposure has led to reduced free radical production. Twenty minutes of blood exposure strikingly reduces inflammation.