Surviving Our Toxic World

Man holding a sandwich filled with nitrates & nitrites. A common site in our toxic world.

As far as we can tell, the earth was relatively unpolluted until humans began mining for heavy metals in 1540. THIS BEGAN slowly increasing heavy metal pollution, which accelerated in the 20th century with leaded GASOLINE, LEADED paint, and silver/MERCURY fillings, thanks to the dental profession! And creating the toxic world we live in today. […]

How To Reduce Chronic Arthritis Pain Without Drugs

Doctor examining a man's back because he's complaining of chronic arthritis pain.

Arthritis can affect any or multiple joints and most people experience episodes of or chronic arthritis pain, either after an injury or just with length of life. It is an inflammatory process, which means some dysfunction of the immune system. In fact, in every illness, there is some dysfunction of immunity.  For basic healthy immunity, […]

How To Achieve Optimal Health And Performance Well Beyond Your 80s

Two men doing pushups on sand in their quest for optimal health and performance.

Actually, achieving optimal health and performance throughout your life and well beyond your 80s is very easy to do if you have the basic essential health habits: Body Mass Index (BMI) 18 to 24. Only 28% of Americans have a BMI in this range No smoking. 78% of Americans are smoke-free. Eating 5 to 8 […]

How To Overcome Anxiety From The Fraudedemic

Man sitting on a stump with his head in his hand wondering how to overcome anxiety.

Ordinarily, telomeres shrink one percent a year in healthy individuals. In a current study to increase telomeres, telomeres in the placebo group decreased 10% while those in the active group, which should have increased significantly, dropped one or two percent! This appears to be a striking generalized SEVERE anxiety in the population at large! Proof […]

Tips for Building Your Immune System (According To an MD)

Woman with arms spread wide enjoying the sunshine.

The immune system is at least as critical as your brain in overall health. Of course, every organ and system is important but immune dysfunction is a major cause of every illness. Building your immune system is more important than learning anything else! Everything affects everything in the body, and a chief regulator of every […]