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BIOGENICS is our #1 recommended foundational training we provide as the backbone of the “mind” portion of “Mind, Body & Spirit.” It is a guided path we have created for you to open up the mind, or the control center of your body, to improve every aspect of your life.  BIOGENICS Stress solutions provides the […]

Holistic Healthcare VS Conventional Medicine

Holistic Healthcare VS Conventional Medicine

Table of Contents Here is a scenario with conventional medicine we see all too often. You go to your regular medical doctor for a yearly physical; they see something that isn’t quite right, then they refer you to another doctor. And if that doctor can’t find the issue, they might give you another referral. Depending […]

What Are The Benefits Of PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses PEMF device technology to apply gentle pulsed electromagnetic frequency to the body. PEMF therapy stimulates and exercises the body’s cells to assist in resolving cellular dysfunction and encourage the natural recovery process. PEMF therapy is recommended to many of our patients for the therapeutic benefits. Table of Contents What does PEMF […]


PEMF Frequently Asked Questions If you are considering PEMF Treatment we have compiled a list of frequently asked question about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.  Table of Contents What is PEMF? PEMF refers to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF therapy involves the use of a PEMF Device to administer a pulsed electromagnetic frequency to the body for […]

How to stop taking blood pressure medication safely

Table of Contents The best way to stop taking medications to control blood pressure is to work with your holistic physician to create a plan of action. They can monitor your blood pressure and down-regulate your dose of blood pressure medication in a safe manner. It is important that you do not abruptly stop taking […]

The 9 best exercises to control high blood pressure

The 9 best exercises to control high blood pressure

Looking for a drug-free way to control hypertension? Get ready to move your body, because we’ve compiled 9 of the best exercises to assist you in controlling your high blood pressure. Table of Contents Why you should exercise if you have high blood pressure Hypertension can be quite a deadly disease on its own. It […]

Is Zinc good for high blood pressure?

Table of Contents Scientists have long debated whether or not zinc is good for high blood pressure. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between zinc and blood pressure, but they hadn’t been able to put their finger on what that relationship was until recently. There were a few things that they knew […]