How To Create Your Optimal Health And Wellness

Little boy standing on a dock and showing off his muscles.

The ball has dropped. Christmas ads have been replaced by tax-prep ads. January is in full force. And, if you fall into the majority, your health and wellness top your list of resolutions. Time to repent for the sins of last year. Until, of course, old habits get the better (or worse) of you and […]

The 5 Best Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Disorders of the immune system are among the most common problems affecting potentially every organ and function of the body. They lead to inflammation, pain, and even cancer. Knowing the best supplements to boost immune system function can help stave off these life-threatening disorders before they start. Among the worst of the non-cancer immune problems […]

How To Boost Your Individual Resilience Holistically

Woman leaping while holding an umbrella.

The ability to be strong, to bounce back, to use emotional strength to cope with adversity – that’s what individual resilience is. In the length of a life, you will confront the need to bounce back repeatedly. And what you need to overcome may range from minor to major. You may face anything and everything […]

What To Do If You’re Eating Healthy But Gaining Weight

Woman standing on a scale.

So many people struggle with their weight that obesity is almost ubiquitous. This is a very sad situation as having a BMI greater than XX is a predictor of disease and early death. Luckily, more and more Americans are making the switch to healthy eating to lose weight. However, not all are losing their unwanted […]

Ask The Doctors: Can Chronic Diseases Be Cured?

Man appearing to jump over the sun in joy because he's cured from a chronic disease.

Conventional medicine is great for treating acute issues, but it can rarely cure chronic diseases. Instead, conventional medicine doctors attempt to simply control the patient’s symptoms. However, there is one, and only one, chronic disease that conventional medical treatment works well for. That disease is Type 1 diabetes. What that means is receiving a diagnosis […]

How to Get Off Depression Meds for Good

Woman standing in a field holding yellow balloons.

If you’re Googling “how to get off depression meds” chances are you know how dangerous they are. In fact, antidepressant drugs are an ineffective way to treat depression. Most people, including doctors, don’t know this because the PharmacoMafia prevents the publication of 75% of the negative studies about depression meds! Even more concerning is that […]

Why You Should Immediately Consider Getting Off Prescription Drugs

Woman holding prescription drugs in one hand and water in the other.

Every day physicians prescribe pharmaceuticals with the intention of helping their patients heal. They do so because this is what they were taught in medical school – you treat patients with prescription drugs to cure their ailments or at least ease their symptoms. However, we don’t believe that pharmaceuticals are always the best answer to […]

How To Live A Stress-Free Healthy Life In Just 9 Simple Steps

Man sitting on a pier in a mountain lake enjoying his stress-free healthy life.

It is an enormous responsibility, especially when you are the only one who can take it on. And, if you have children, you have the responsibility for them, as well. I’m talking about living a healthy life; making choices that will give you a stress-free existence and therefore a greater chance of vibrant health. Most […]

6 Proven Methods for Enhancing Your Immune System Function

People taking an outdoor exercise class to enhance their immune system function.

The immune system is as complex as the nervous system and involves the thymus, spleen, bone marrow, small intestine, white blood cells and antibodies. Its job is to keep us healthy. Yet we experience things every day that inhibit its function. At the top of the list for negatively impacting your immune system’s function is […]