How To Achieve Optimal Gut Health Without A Prescription

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said 2000 years ago “All disease begins in the gut” That remains true today, as the intestine contains more bacteria than all other cells in the body. And those bacteria may be very finicky. So much so that many find it difficult to achieve optimal gut health. Yet, optimal gut […]

Two Doctors’ Prescription For Anyone Suffering From Anxiety Every Day

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uncertainty, and potential harm–of death, being incapacitated, of having inadequate money, of abandonment by a loved one, or loss of faith in God. Suffering from anxiety every day can be debilitating. What you also need to know is that anxiety is the number one stress reaction and the foundation […]

Foods That Help Your Immune System The Most According To Two MDs

Actually, all real natural food helps your immune system. Unfortunately, a whopping eighty percent of all available food is junk. What Is Junk Food? Foods that contain additives to make you crave them, those that have little to no nutritional value, and those that contain toxins are all junk. You need to steer clear of […]

What’s The Best Antidepressant?

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The answer to the question What’s the best antidepressant? may surprise you. NONE! That’s because there is NO antidepressant drug that is effective. Four articles including one in the New England Journal of Medicine state that if all the negative results had been ALLOWED to be published, the net result would be ZERO! In other […]

Dr. Shealy’s Favorite (& Recommended) Daily Supplements

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Unless you live on a remote paradise island and grow all your own food, you need supplements daily. The world is over polluted with toxins ranging from human stupidity with radioactivity to pesticides, herbicides and fluoride. Air and rain circulate so even that remote island is likely polluted as well. Of course, life expectancy only […]

How To Overcome The Worst Effects Of Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is not only disabling; it markedly increases anxiety and depression. Of course, you have seen many physicians and they can find no cause or cannot correct it. To deal with the effects of chronic pain, they offer you opioids, antidepressants and antianxiety drugs, none of which really work! Electrotherapy Depending on the location […]

HOW DID YOU DIE IN A PAST LIFE?<br>The Answer May Be the Key to Your Health in This One

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Until 325 when the emperor Constantine decreed it be removed from the Bible, reincarnation was part of Christianity. (See Geddes McGregor’s REINCARNATION IN CHRISTIANITY.) We do not believe in reincarnation—we know it from many personal experiences! There are thousands of cases where young children have talked about their personal earlier life and evidence that they […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Getting Off Anti-Anxiety Medication

As with ALL mood drugs, anti-anxiety drugs create far more problems and help virtually NONE! And, when you are ready, getting off anti-anxiety medication is one of the problems Number one: So called “side effects” include depression, disinhibition, difficulty thinking, decreased libido, decreased IQ, poor coordination, uncontrollable anger and violence, increased risk of suicide, memory […]

How Optimism Affects Your Physical Health

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Optimism directly affects physical health. It improves all aspects of health—immune, cardiovascular, brain function and even longevity. Interestingly, optimistic individuals are likely to be more conscientious, to choose the healthiest habits, and to have more friends. Expect the best and you are more likely to receive the best outcome. Optimists are generally happy people. Happiness […]