Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings

(Because it is the Most Hated, Distrusted and Corrupt Industry in America) Excerpts from an article written by Justin McCarthy – September 3, 2019 (483 words) For the unabridged article, with charts, go to: To me, it is all the evil of Congress which is responsible!!!!!!! Medicine and FDA and Government all suck! Norman Shealy, M.D., […]

The Nobel Committee Flunks Science

Ian Rutherford Plimer is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide, and the director of multiple mineral exploration and mining companies. He has published 130 scientific papers, six books and edited the Encyclopedia of Geology. Sounds pretty learned/credible, don’t you think? […]

Norm’s Morning Slush

Recipe for my morning slush: 6 oz water 4 oz MonaVie (5000 Oracs) One-half cup egg white powder (16 gm protein) One-half scoop whey protein concentrate (12 gm protein) 2 TBL beef gelatin (18 gm protein) 3 heaping TBL old fashioned peanut butter (24 gm protein) One scoop ORAC Energy Greens (over 40,000 Oracs) One […]

Master Teresa – Life Force: The Miraculous Power Of Qi Gong

Headshot of Dr. C. Norman Shealy.

Life Force: The Miraculous Power of Qi Gong is a book to treasure. Visit to watch a video introduction to the book including the following: Inspirational testimonies from students, family members, and herself benefiting from this ancient martial art. Answers to What, Why, and How questions about Qi Gong. Her personal journey of adversity […]

Vitamin D vs Flu Vaccine

Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says Story at-a-glance… Mounting research suggests vitamin D deficiency may actually be a major cause of influenza. People with the lowest vitamin D levels report having significantly more colds or cases of the flu Scientific review confirms vitamin D optimization boosts immunity and cuts rates of […]

Essential Antioxidants

One of the most critical essentials for life and health is antioxidants, which we obtain from fruits and vegetables. The absolute minimum essential daily intake is 5000 ORACS, Oxygen Reducing Absorption Capacity, which requires a minimum of 5 servings per day of fruits and/or veggies. Per 100 grams, the following are ORACS per serving: Acai […]

Vibrating Health

Headshot of Dr. C. Norman Shealy.

For over 25 years I have included at least 20 minutes of a VIBE machine in my 90-minute exercise daily. It is better for the whole body than any other. I strongly recommend CONFIDENCE FITNESS, on Amazon for $279.99! Research: Therapeutic effects of whole-body vibration training in knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Zafar H, […]

Healthy Youthful Aging

Average American Life is 78 years. This average is DECREASED from the 100 years a healthy lifestyle could provide by: Obesity—Minus 6 years Smoking—Minus 4 years Street drugs—Minus 2 years Excess alcohol—Minus 2 years Inactivity—Minus 5 years The Medical System (DRUGS, SURGERY, HOSPITALIZATION)—Minus 4 years IF EVERYONE AVOIDED THESE HABITS, AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY WOULD BE […]

Trigger Finger

FROM A PATIENT For trigger finger: 1) With Shealy magnesium mist, spray affected hand & distal arm. Expect 60% relief. 2) With Shealy magnesium lotion, dispense 25mm pool in palm of hand and massage into affected hand & distal arm. Expect 98% relief. 3) Slip treated hands into surgical gloves. Expect complete relief. I suspect similar […]

Johns Hopkins School Research on Moringa

Zija Core Moringa Super Mix The single best total body energizer and overall metabolic regulator is Moringa Oleifera powder containing leaves, seeds and fruit. Get yours here Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. Register […]