Overcoming Hypertension

Nurse taking a patient's blood pressure.

Hypertension is a major cause of stroke, heart attack and death. It is the result of: Stress Obesity Occasionally genetics Excess caffeine and stimulants The conventional drug treatments FAIL well over 50% of the time!!! And they have numerous complications, including: Fatigue Confusion Loss of potassium Erectile Dysfunction The BEST, simplest and single most effective […]

Telomere Rejuvenation

Healthy woman walking in the desert.

Telomere Rejuvenation 2013 My e-news Monday led to many questions about the 54 to 78 GHz.  Here are 3 earlier messages on this subject! RejuvaMatrix ™—A Fundamental Key to Health and Longevity Just in case you have not noticed, my e-newsletter is titled Youthful Aging.  Actually, longevity is not nearly as important as HEALTH.  My […]

Move It or Lose It

Two men doing pushups on sand in their quest for optimal health and performance.

Other than eating and breathing nothing is as important as exercise! Even mentally-controlled rhythmic breathing is minor physical activity and can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and pain! In an article published in May 2013, the increasingly common use of injections for back pain is reported to be useless in the long run! (JAMA. 2013 […]

Happiness is an Inside Job

Two women laughing and hugging.

Lincoln is said to have said “I reckon people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” (I admit to changing from the masculine gender to the neutral). The Power of Positive Thinking is also a classic. In general, if you have air, water, food, clothes and shelter, there is little […]