How To Boost Your Individual Resilience Holistically

Woman leaping while holding an umbrella.

The ability to be strong, to bounce back, to use emotional strength to cope with adversity – that’s what individual resilience is. In the length of a life, you will confront the need to bounce back repeatedly. And what you need to overcome may range from minor to major. You may face anything and everything […]

What To Do If You’re Eating Healthy But Gaining Weight

Woman standing on a scale.

So many people struggle with their weight that obesity is almost ubiquitous. This is a very sad situation as having a BMI greater than XX is a predictor of disease and early death. Luckily, more and more Americans are making the switch to healthy eating to lose weight. However, not all are losing their unwanted […]

How To Live A Stress-Free Healthy Life In Just 9 Simple Steps

Man sitting on a pier in a mountain lake enjoying his stress-free healthy life.

It is an enormous responsibility, especially when you are the only one who can take it on. And, if you have children, you have the responsibility for them, as well. I’m talking about living a healthy life; making choices that will give you a stress-free existence and therefore a greater chance of vibrant health. Most […]

5 Activities to Help with Depression

Woman jogging down a snow covered trail.

Most articles about activities to help with depression cover things like walking and spending time in nature. Although these activities can help, we know that the most beneficial activities do more than help. They can heal much more effectively than all the drugs, psychiatrists and psychologists in the world! And healing is important for two […]

Ask The Doctors: What Are the Best Foods for a Healthy Gut?

Woman holding 4 freshly picked apples which are some of the best foods for a healthy gut.

From a holistic perspective, you are asking a great question. Wanting to achieve a healthy gut through food is so much better for you than trying to do it through a prescription. And before we dive into the best foods for a healthy gut, we want to talk about how easy it is to become […]

8 Keys to Holistic Pain Management

Woman kneeling on her bed struggling with chronic back pain.

When you’re writhing in pain, you’re probably not thinking about “going holistic.” You just want the agony to stop. You’ll take the pill, the shot, the bullet – anything to put an end to the pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, however, learning (and living) holistic pain management principles can change your experience of […]

Ask The Doctors: What Is The Connection Between Depression And Heart Disease?

Model of a human heart.

Depression can be both a cause of and a result of cardiovascular (heart) disease. Even mild depression is a common and significant risk factor for developing heart disease. It can also raise the risk of future cardiovascular complications. Research has shown that depression can make it harder to recover from heart disease. This is no […]

Why You Need Stress Management Tools for Your Health & Wellbeing

In this article:  What is stress? What type of problems can stress cause? How to Neutralize Stress Breath Exercise to Reduce Stress Biogenics self-regulation to Neutralize Stress Have you ever been stressed out?Haven’t we all. ** Insert Eye Roll** If you are stressed right now and you want to immediately begin to neutralize your stress […]

How to Optimize Your Holistic Health and Wellness

A beautiful waterfall surrounded by trees.

Our telomeres, the tips of our DNA, shrink one percent each year in healthy people and can shrink 10 percent or more in significantly unhealthy people each year! Unless you wish to suffer the trials and tribulations of disease and early death, you cannot afford the luxury of an unhealthy lifestyle! Your goal must be […]