Every single day, we are faced with challenges to our health. Yet, we can take small, but deliberate, steps toward optimal health daily.

Were you born with a head start to optimal health?

If you were conceived by healthy parents wanting a child, it is most likely that you were born healthy. If your parents were nurturing during the first 18 years of your life, you are most likely to be healthy.

Nothing beats healthy, loving, nurturing parents!

If you are missing any aspect of the essentials healthy nurturing parenting can provide, you may need to spend lots of time and energy to achieve health.

You may even be more prone to illness.

The cause of almost all illness is attitude and belief. You need to feel OK about life and yourself. All feelings of not being OK lead to anxiety.

Anxiety is the result of fear of loss. You might be afraid of losing your life, health, adequate finances, love or support by God! By far the most common is loss of love or support by God. But all fear leads to anxiety, which can lead to guilt and anger as well.

Meeting your basic human needs is essential to optimal health.

Obviously, you must have adequate financial support to have food and shelter. Those necessities must be available from employment of society.

You must also experience connection with a soul mate. A soul mate can be a potential or actual lover or such a dear friend as to feel soul connected.

If you are fortunate enough to have all these as a basic life, you are most likely healthy and happy, BUT your daily habits will also determine your health!

These are the optimal health daily habits:


Water is almost as important as air is to life. You need NON-FLUORIDATED water at the rate in ounces of water equal to half your body weight in pounds. That means a person weighing 150 pounds would need to drink 75 ounces of water daily.


In addition to staying hydrated, you need adequate fruits and vegetables for optimal daily health. This equates to 6 to 8 servings of vegetables, one or 2 fruits.

You also need to consume adequate protein. Although plants have protein, they are missing taurine and B 12. In general, dairy, eggs, beef, pork, and fish are excellent sources of protein and some essential fats. Aim for 20% of your calories to be from these protein sources.


Of course, in addition to these dietary concerns, our bodies have other needs we must meet. We need a MINIMUM of 30 minutes of physical exercise five days a week. We also need 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.


Yet, these physical, close companionship and financial needs are not enough to truly achieve optimal health daily. We each need a purpose in life!

Your purpose can be virtually anything as long as you want it, but it should also be something that helps others! It is just OK to have a purpose that only you want, as long as it never harms any other person. However, unless it helps others, your mind will be satisfied, but not your soul!

Unless your life purpose benefits others, your mind will be satisfied, but not your soul!

Of course, any purpose that has benefit to others is equally good. From clothes to houses, utensils of all kinds, plants, art, music, vehicles, computers, etc. We need them all. Just as we need real food and some significant physical movement.


The final optimal health daily habit is fulfilling our spiritual need, the soul need. It is a need to appreciate the magnificent complex wonder of the universe. Perhaps the most unique aspect of which is energy itself.

According to quantum physicists, all empty space in the universe is filled with scalar energy. In all of that empty space, in an area the size of a helium molecule there is enough power to boil the world’s oceans! And this energy moves faster than the speed of light.

Apparently, Tesla was able to tap that energy to produce “free” electricity. But Edison and Rockefeller did everything in their greedy power to prevent it!

Spiritual healers, however, are able to SEND IT instantly thousands of miles. We have 218 cases of EEGs on individuals in Springfield, Missouri, where healers have changed the individual EEG almost instantly. That is remarkable in itself. Yet even more remarkable is that sometimes those healers can create miraculous healing.

How you can fulfill your spiritual needs of optimal health daily.

The one optimal health daily habit that can most impact your sense of connection and calm is reverence. You want to hold a sense of reverence in your mind as much of each day as possible because it provides a profound sense of peace and awe. These sensations are the exact opposite of anxiety which is the cause of all illness and disease.

When we lived in nature it was presumably easier to be at peace. Yet spending time outside each day to just be with nature can still bring you back to a sense of peace.

Most music is also awe-inspiring, as is a great deal of art. Good literature may help us enter that state of awe too.

Unfortunately, today there are a great many distractions that can hamper our ability to achieve internal peace.

Newspapers were one of the early distractions. Then came radio, phones and finally TV, computers and cell phones. These last two sentences contain the most destructive issues in the history of the world.

Agriculture was one of the first monumental changes of the industrial revolution. And Industry itself produced great reductions in some work but altered our minds in greater measure. All this mechanization distracts us from the quiet observation of the magnificent beauty of the universe.

Thus we neglect the quiet appreciation of creation. Meditation and Autogenic Training and Biogenics® help restore our greatest peace, which is the ultimate reverent essence of optimal daily health!

Achieving optimal health is possible regardless of whether you had a head start toward health or not. It simply takes daily attention to what is most health-producing.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. Dr. Sergey Sorin is a holistic physician as well as the CEO and medical director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. Both doctors recommend the Biogenics System as part of your overall commitment to self-health and enhancing your positivity.

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