An excerpt from Conversations with G – A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven

I had been working on regenerating DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, the most prevalent hormone in the body. It truly represents your life energy or stress reserve. All individuals gradually lose significant percentages of DHEA with normal aging and every known physical or emotional disease is associated with greater loss of DHEA than in healthy individuals. My first intuitive hit had been to use natural progesterone to restore DHEA. I tested it in men and everyone became hornier and DHEA levels increased an average of 60%. Everyone was happy except one wife. But healthy levels of DHEA are 750 to 1200 nanograms per dl in men. Most 50+ year old men start with levels of 200 to 400, so even 60% increase s inadequate. One day I sat and said “Hmm, how else can I raise DHEA?” G came in and said “If you stimulate the points that connect the kidneys with the gonads, the adrenals, the thyroid and the pituitary through Window of the Sky points, it will raise DHEA”. “But there is no point for the pituitary” I said. “Find one” he instructed. So I got my acupuncture atlas and picked 12 points. I asked if this was correct. “Test it” he said. He also indicated that I should call this the Ring of Fire, as it indeed represents the fire energy of the body. And indeed, I tested it and stimulation of the Ring of Fire with Giga frequencies raised DHEA an additional 60%. This led to the first of a number of patents which I have received based on information from my angelic guide! Practical mysticism.

A year after receiving the Ring of Fire, out of the blue G said “Norman, I have another Ring for you. This one is the Ring of Air and you will say it is for simultaneity of thought. That is what you are to call it. It assists holographic thinking. It will assist in advancing consciousness, mental creativity and symbolic thinking. It will help integration and non-separatism and advance mystical insight. When stimulated with the Ring of Earth, which I will give you later, it will help autism, Down’s syndrome and rage.” The first point is at the tip of the inside of the big toe nail”. I put my finger on the base of the inside of the big toe nail. G said “I said the tip”. I replied “But there is no point at the tip of the toe nail.” (Spleen 1 is at the base of the big toe nail on the inside of the foot’s big toe) G responded “There is now and you will call it Spleen 1A for Aquarian.” He then gave me a physical suggestion for the remaining points to which I had to assign specific traditional acupuncture points.

I was busy clinically so a few weeks went by and I said to my research nurse “Vera, we need to find out what the Ring of Air does.” She replied “What do you want to measure”. Out of my mouth came “Neurotensin”. I did not know what Neurotensin was so I said “Call the lab to see whether they can measure Neurotensin.” They could, so we got 10 volunteers, measured blood before and an hour after stimulating the 13 points with GigaTENS. Striking increases in Neurotensin were found. Another mystical patent purely on information from an angelic guide! Incidentally a remarkable synchronicity here, as Neurotensin is a neuroleptic. Although I do not do human research on drugs, back in 1965 I did animal work on Ketamine®, the first modern neuroleptic! Synchronicity strikes again!

About a year later G gave me the Ring of Water and said it was for balancing emotions, forgiveness, and contacting the Christological heart. He stated that it would be useful for all edema and congestion, and would help with obesity and lowering cholesterol. It brings emotional tranquility and assists rapport with other realms of life—animal, plant, mineral. It provides spiritual homeopathic energy to balance emotions. Again he guided me with physical locations to which I assigned appropriate traditional acupuncture points. I immediately intuitively knew that it had to do with aldosterone. Interestingly aldosterone can be abnormally high or low; and when I stimulated the Ring of Water with GigaTENS, those with low or high levels of aldosterone normalized. This Ring seemed so biochemically normal that it is the only one I did not patent.

Over a year later G gave me the Ring of Earth which he said would be useful for magnetic contact with earth, redesign of the human body, overcoming phobias, skin disorders, overcoming seductions, illusions and possession., cerebral palsy, ALS, confusion and physical pain. He added that for neurological problems I would need to stimulate also the Ring of Crystal which he would give me later. As with the last two Rings, he suggested physical locations and I assigned the appropriate acupuncture points. However my intuition did not kick in instantly and I tried a couple of neurochemicals before I suddenly thought “Stupid, it has to be calcitonin”. And so it proved to be. Calcitonin is essential for maintaining bone, preventing osteoporosis but is also is the strongest pain reliever the body makes—40 to 60 times as strong as morphine. Chalk up another mystically received information for a patent!

Finally at least a year later G gave me the Ring of Crystal, which he said was for regulating the overall energetic system and to assist in Regeneration. The Ring of Crystal expands consciousness to the Akashic level. The points were easily obtained as usual but the chemistry eluded me for a while until I suddenly though “It has to be free radicals”. And once again I proved quickly that GigaTENS stimulation of the Ring of Crystal worked remarkably well, reducing free radicals 80%! Incidentally I have found nothing in the literature that is even remotely as efficient in reducing free radicals, the super damaging chemicals that ultimately destroy cell walls. The fourth G originated idea for a patent!
Interestingly, when I got the results for Earth and Crystal, I instantly thought “Wow, if we could just keep DHEA up, calcitonin up and free radicals down, we should live 140 years”. This became the basis for my book LIFE BEYOND 100: Secret of the Fountain.”

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