When Does It Make Sense To Use Cannabis For Chronic Pain?

Close up of a cannabis plant.

Medicinal cannabis for chronic pain or pain in general pain is effective. In fact, 30 to 87% of patients in different patient populations who use cannabis for medicinal purposes report pain or chronic pain relief as the reason for medicinal cannabis use. There is substantial evidence that cannabis improves pain in fibromyalgia and in multiple […]

Ask The Doctors: What Are the Best Foods for a Healthy Gut?

Woman holding 4 freshly picked apples which are some of the best foods for a healthy gut.

From a holistic perspective, you are asking a great question. Wanting to achieve a healthy gut through food is so much better for you than trying to do it through a prescription. And before we dive into the best foods for a healthy gut, we want to talk about how easy it is to become […]

8 Keys to Holistic Pain Management

Woman kneeling on her bed struggling with chronic back pain.

When you’re writhing in pain, you’re probably not thinking about “going holistic.” You just want the agony to stop. You’ll take the pill, the shot, the bullet – anything to put an end to the pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, however, learning (and living) holistic pain management principles can change your experience of […]

Why You Need Stress Management Tools for Your Health & Wellbeing

In this article:  What is stress? What type of problems can stress cause? How to Neutralize Stress Breath Exercise to Reduce Stress Biogenics self-regulation to Neutralize Stress Have you ever been stressed out?Haven’t we all. ** Insert Eye Roll** If you are stressed right now and you want to immediately begin to neutralize your stress […]

Ask the Doctors: Do Antibiotics Weaken the Immune System?

Tree in an alpine valley that looks like it's struggling to survive.

The answer is unequivocally yes, antibiotics do weaken the immune system. But it is a toss-up between overuse of antibiotics and Roundup® as to which weakens it more. Fifty million Americans have autoimmune disorders, largely as a result of antibiotics and Roundup®! And that is partly because Roundup® is in 75% of air and rain […]

Is Holistic Medicine Safe?

Is holistic medicine safe

When you hear the word “medicine,” what do you think of? Sterile clinics, white lab coats, busy waiting rooms, high deductibles, insurance bureaucracy? Perhaps your mind jumps to the countless television medical dramas that plot around big-city disasters and overrun emergency rooms. If you’re like the average American, you’re not envisioning a calming environment and […]

Holistic vs. Conventional Medicine: Which Is Better?

Sunrise seen through a treed countryside.

Holistic vs. conventional medicine. The case for top prize may not be unanimous, depending on who’s sitting on the judge’s panel. But, if you were the judge and knew enough about both approaches, which would you believe to be better? If you’re having a heart attack or stroke, good sense would tell you (or those […]

6 Reasons NOW Is The Time To Take Charge Of Your Health

Woman doing yoga on a hill at sunset.

I’ll wait for Monday…the first of the month…after my birthday…New Year’s Day….You know the drill. You want to take charge of your health, but you do not want to change your habits. So back and forth you go – wanting to be healthy, putting off change, convincing yourself you can “fix it when you’re ready.” […]

Who’s Responsible for Your Health?

Man thinking about who's responsible for his health.

Humans are stubborn creatures. Reinventing the wheel, waiting until it’s too late, not learning lessons or taking responsibility…as a species, we seem to champion these flaws. And we are especially skilled at them where our health is concerned. How often has your health taken a back seat to a full plate of obligations, habits, and, […]

How to Take A Holistic Approach to Nutrition

A healthy meal of salmon, greens, pine nuts and tomatoes.

Taking a holistic approach to nutrition means you are focused on the full expanse of nutrition your body, mind and spirit needs. It also means you choose to consciously avoid certain so-called foods. We will start our view of a holistic approach to nutrition by focusing on what you should consume. Perhaps the single most […]