The How of Happiness THE HOW OF HAPPINESS Free Teleseminar! An invitation from Norm Shealy Just a quick reminder: if you havent done so already, reserve your spot to participate in the teleseminar with Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, author of The How of Happiness.? This will be an action-packed hour on Dr Lyubomirskys work ?how she […]

Radio Interview

Radio Interview I will be interviewed on Dr. Sherrill Sellmans Radio Show What Women MUST Know on Monday, May 19, 2008, 1 PM, CDT, 2 PM, EDT listen on All the shows are archived. And can be listened to anywhere in the world!? You can also receive it as a Podcast. Norm C. Norman […]

Sacred Contracts

SACRED CONTRACTS When I met Caroline Myss in 1984, I was intrigued by her remarkable Medical Intuitive ability and her concept that we have a contract in life to learn to use Power, Wisely, Responsibly and Lovingly. Over the years her insights led to her development of SACRED CONTRACTS (Harmony Books, N.Y., 2001), her best-selling […]

Pharmacomafia Lies

Pharmacomafia Lies: 94% of the PharmacoMafia’s advertising is NON-Scientific!! In general, I have the impression that the PharmacoMafia has more political clout in the United States than it does in Europe. Thus the finding that the Emperor has been exposed to have only 6% honest clothing is most revealing and further emphasizes the great need […]

Physician Short or Patient Excess? The Modern Obscenity

USA TODAY’s front feature on March 3, 2005, proclaimed a ”doctor shortage.” Over 25 years ago the Secretary of HEW stated ”Make no mistake; this is a consensus among experts throughout the world.” He was referring to the CA– USE of the vast majority of illnesses-sick lifestyle. About the same time Dr. John Knowles, President […]