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Is holistic medicine safe

Is Holistic Medicine Safe?

When you hear the word “medicine,” what do you think of? Sterile clinics, white lab coats, busy waiting rooms, high deductibles, insurance bureaucracy? Perhaps your ...
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Holistic vs. Conventional Medicine: Which Is Better?

Holistic vs. conventional medicine. The case for top prize may not be unanimous, depending on who’s sitting on the judge’s panel. But, if you were ...
Woman doing yoga on a hill at sunset.

6 Reasons NOW Is The Time To Take Charge Of Your Health

I’ll wait for Monday…the first of the month…after my birthday…New Year’s Day….You know the drill. You want to take charge of your health, but you ...
Man thinking about who's responsible for his health.

Who’s Responsible for Your Health?

Humans are stubborn creatures. Reinventing the wheel, waiting until it’s too late, not learning lessons or taking responsibility…as a species, we seem to champion these ...
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How to Take A Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Taking a holistic approach to nutrition means you are focused on the full expanse of nutrition your body, mind and spirit needs. It also means ...
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How To Holistically Stop Struggling With Depression

Depression is one of the most common reactions to unresolved stress. Millions of Americans are struggling with depression. Their struggles are often worse than necessary ...

How To Achieve Optimal Health Daily

Every single day, we are faced with challenges to our health. Yet, we can take small, but deliberate, steps toward optimal health daily. Were you ...

What Causes an Overactive Immune System?

As with every illness, stress is the basic “cause.” The causes of an overactive immune system or autoimmune illnesses are no different. However, what makes ...
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How To Address Anxiety and Hypertension From A Holistic Perspective

The primary response to stress is anxiety and hypertension is just one of the side effects of stress. Stress may be physical, emotional, chemical, mental ...
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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Seventy-four percent of Americans are overweight. They need to know how to maintain a healthy weight – if they want to have a healthy and ...
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