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How to Change Your Lifestyle to be Healthy

When it comes to knowing how to change your lifestyle to be healthy you first need to understand how it is unhealthy. And you need ...

What Does Taking A Holistic Approach to Medicine Mean?

To understand what taking a holistic approach to medicine means, you need to understand how we got to the need for it. For many thousands ...

How To Effectively Use Autogenic Training For Pain Relief

For decades, people have used autogenic training for pain relief. It is the most scientifically studied self-regulation tool in history. It is also the foundation ...
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5 Fun Activities That Release Dopamine

Dopamine plays a huge role in how we feel pleasure. Seeking pleasurable experiences is normal. So it is important that you know about activities that ...

Ask The Doctors: Can I Get Off My Thyroid Medication?

“Can I get off my thyroid medication?” is one of the questions most people struggling with hypothyroidism ask at one time or another. And it ...
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How Does Vitamin C Support Your Immune System?

Does vitamin C support your immune system? You bet it does! And here’s how… The immune system is second in complexity only to the brain. ...
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Simple Optimal Health Plan Could Help You Live A Healthy & Active Life Beyond 100

Our genes are programmed for 100 years of life, IF WE HAVE GOOD HEALTH PLANS. But the average American lives only 79 years. This significant ...

How Past Life Trauma Can Make You Sick In This One & What You Can Do About It

When we bring up past life therapy (PLT) to resolve past life trauma with patients, many are reluctant. Their reluctance stems from their Christian beliefs. ...
Shealy-Sorin Therapy

How to Boost Oxytocin, Raise DHEA Levels (Anti-Stress Hormone) & Reduce Inflammation, Naturally.

SHEALY – SORIN BLISS OIL THERAPY The Sacred Rings As dependence on prescription opioid medications reaches an alarming high, many people suffering from conditions like ...
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Best Vitamins/Minerals For A Longer Life, According To Leading Holistic Physicians

These Supplements Are Your Ticket To A Longer, Healthier Life. 92% Of Americans Are Lacking At Least One Or More Key Nutrients. Whether you want ...