Our genes are programmed for 100 years of life, IF WE HAVE GOOD HEALTH PLANS. But the average American lives only 79 years. This significant decrease in life expectancy is because only 2.5% of Americans have the essential health habits that are the basis for an optimal health plan.

That means 97.5% are missing one to five of the absolute essentials of health.

And the question to ask yourself as you begin developing your optimal health plan is “Which am I missing?”

The five essential health habits:

  1. Maintain a body Mass Index (BMI) of 18 to 24.

    Seventy two percent of Americans are overweight. They have a BMI greater than 24.

    And 36% are just plain obese. They have a BMI greater than 30.

    Just having a BMI greater than the maximum ideal of 24 shortens life 7 to 14 years.
  2. Don’t smoke.

    Twenty two percent of adults smoke. Smoking shortens lifespan by 7 to 20 years.
  3. Eat 5 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

    The average American eats only 2.2 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. This shortens life 5 to 10 years.
  4. Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

    Ninety percent of Americans do no physical exercise. This shortens life expectancy by 7 to 12 years.

    You need movement. Walk, jog, bike, bounce, do yoga, whatever gets your body in motion. And exercising for more than the recommendation of 30 minutes 5 days a week is fine if you enjoy it.
  5. Get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night.

    Forty two percent of Americans sleep less than seven hours each night, shortening life another 7 to 12 years.

At least 97.5% of Americans do not have an optimal health plan!

Implementing the 5 simple and essential health habits above will prevent disease and allow you to live healthily to 100 years or more.

Yet by simple additions to these essential health habits, you can create an optimal health plan that can help you live 125 to 160 years healthily!

Enhance telomere regeneration

Transcutaneous acupuncture on the five sacred energy rings is one of the simple additions for you to consider. We have clinically demonstrated that spending just 90 seconds a day applying Shealy-Sorin Bliss Oils to the 5 sacred energy rings is the most proven way to enhance telomere regeneration at the rate of 3.5% each year. (Telomeres are the tips of DNA responsible for health and longevity.)

Another proven way to enhance your telomere regeneration at 3.5% a year is the daily use of the RejuvaMatrix® for an hour a day.


Taking necessary supplements can also significantly impact your health and longevity. Our world is becoming more and more toxic because of the pesticides and herbicides used on our food. So we need daily supplements.

If you are serious about creating an optimal health plan for yourself, then you will want to take the following supplements:

Eliminate stress

You will also want to eliminate as much mental and emotional stress as possible to increase your longevity. Relaxing and meditating can help you detach from stress. And we highly recommend that you do Autogenic Training, the, most scientifically studied stress reducer in history, twice daily.

If you have specific stressors you want to eliminate, do the entire Biogenics® program. It allows you to detach mentally, physically and spiritually from the chaotic stress of the world.

Be conscientious and connected

If you are conscientious, you are organized, responsible, and clear about what is right among many other helpful and life-prolonging traits. The 2.5% of people who already have the essential health habits are naturally conscientious!

In addition to conscientiousness, you need to have a network of friends. Connection improves the quality of your life in addition to the length of it. And it is easier to make and keep friends when you are conscientious.

People with these two personality traits live longer and make more money. Read THE LONGEVITY PROJECT.

Spend your time on meaningful endeavors

Feeling like you make a difference in the lives of others is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It feels so good because it is the purpose of life.

Therefore, every job that helps others is valuable! There are thousands of good and useful jobs. If you do not enjoy your work, find other work.

And once you find work you enjoy, do not retire! Find a way to continue helping others even after you reach retirement age.

If you are working now with the goal of reaching retirement, your life expectancy is drastically reduced. In fact, most people who have only worked to reach retirement die within just 18 months of reaching their goal.

Yet, there is more to life than work. You can also use your non-work time to make a difference. You might find a charity to help, volunteer, garden, play or even do laughing meditation!

Choose happiness

Happiness is an inside job and despite being a simple thing it is an incredibly important part of an optimal health plan!

There are many problems in the world. it can be easy to be drawn into all of the pain, drama and trauma. But if you cannot fix or change the problem, you need to detach and focus on pleasure.

Pleasure can be as easy to come by as being grateful for life itself.

It can also be found by:

  • Being active.
  • Having a purpose and/or meaning in your life. Life without a purpose is a body without a soul.
  • Avoiding unpleasant situations, judgments and comparisons.
  • Following your dreams.
  • Forgiving and forgetting negative events. 
  • Reading.
  • Develop an interest in any pleasant subject (for example, history, metaphysics, art, music)
  • Listen to cheerful music.

You can also subtract things from your life that are detrimental to your longevity and make these subtractions part of your optimal health plan.

Our suggestions for things to AVOID (or at least minimize) as part of your personal optimal health plan include:

  • Fluoridated water
  • Cell phones
  • Excess alcohol
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Sugar
  • All pop
  • All liquids in aluminum cans
  • Anything that is processed
  • Anything that is artificial
  • All sugar substitutes
  • TV
  • Most main line media
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides

This can be a lot of information to absorb all at once. Take your time and explore possibilities that seem most helpful to you. And as you do, you will be creating your optimal health plan!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. Dr. Sergey Sorin is a holistic physician as well as the CEO and medical director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. Both doctors recommend the Biogenics System as part of your overall commitment to self-health and enhancing your positivity.

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