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“Getting Started Training”

2016 is already amazing – are you getting the results you desire?

Tuesday, July 19th at 6:00 PM PST

During the last 5 years I have been discussing the Kyani Triangle of Health. Also, as you have been reading my newsletters, you know that I have said Kyani is the best MLM and income opportunity for all.
Have you ever wondered…
  • How do I build a business when I already have a full time job?
  • How do people get off to a fast start and build momentum that builds their team and residual income?
  • What if I started, but I haven’t had the success I had hoped for initially?
  • Is this really possible for me when I don’t have any experience in business?
Then join me and Dan SwinDell on Tuesday night and register for a special 1 hour training and learn how to get the very most from our amazing opportunity.
Dan is one of Kyani’s top distributors. He has an international team and has been very successful in the network marketing industry.
We will delve deeper into the business opportunity with Kyani. Dan will share information about Kyani’s growth and strategies and resources that are available to help you start (or re-start) and build a successful home based business.
To register, click the below link and enter your information:
Once registered, you will receive an email link to get into Tuesday’s training and each Tuesday’s webinar every week.
If you desire to take control of your future, please join us on Tuesday night.
Feel free to reach out to my assistant, Cheryl St. Cyr if you have any questions or need additional information.
Cheryl St. Cyr
sHEALyWellness | | [email protected] | 5607 S. 222nd Rd.
Fair Grove, MO 65648


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