BIOGENICS is our #1 recommended foundational training we provide as the backbone of the “mind” portion of “Mind, Body & Spirit.”

It is a guided path we have created for you to open up the mind, or the control center of your body, to improve every aspect of your life. 

BIOGENICS Stress solutions provides the Biofeedback and Stress Solutions you need to live your best life everyday. 

Here we have compiled our most frequently asked questions for your convenience so you can make the choice to get started on your holistic health journey with BIOGENICS!


BIOGENICS® is an online course with easy actionable steps you can take to improve your everyday life by expanding your mind with stress solutions, control over your thoughts and emotions, self regulation techniques to win the day, and  create favorable outcomes. 
BIOGENICS is done from the comfort of your own home at any time that is convenient for you! Here are some of the direct actions steps inside BIOGENICS:
Step 1. Understand the power of Self-Regulation, Biofeedback
Step 2. Learn why binaural beats and GAMMA brain waves are so powerful – then harness the power!
Step 3. What is “Stress” and how it is the major culprit behind over 85% of all chronic dis-ease
Step 4. How you can use our simple techniques to avoid the dangers of stress and optimize your life
Step 5. Unlock your full potential by putting it to the test and utilizing Biofeedback and Brain Training to improve your health and wellness. 
Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control some of your body’s functions, such as your heart rate, blood pressure thoughts, feelings and emotions. 
We have “coupled” Biofeedback training with binaural beats and GAMMA brain wave frequency imprinted into BIOGENICS brain trainings. This allows us to unlock a deeper meditative state much faster than other avenues and the Biofeedback piece give great benefit to your wellness. 
This is the foundational training we have ALL of our patients start with to begin unlocking the “mind” of mind, body, spirit which is the control center of your entire body. It is the first step in Holistic Health Mastery!
Created by the Father of Holistic Medicine Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Sergey Shealy-Sorin. 

BIOGENICS® is relaxing & rejuvenating, so you can positively impact every single aspect of your life with Meditation Mind Training & Biofeedback in BIOGENICS® backed by thousands of studies and over 36,000+ successful cases!
With BIOGENICS® we have assisted over 36,000 successful outcomes for patients who have been failed by conventional medicine with stress, anxiety & depression, chronic pain, and a wide array of difficult health challenges. 
Dr. Norm Shealy is a world renowned neurosurgeon who created the spinal cord stimulation surgery which is still widely used today. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Norm began to get fed up that the continued and accepted treatment for pain was to prescribe more pain meds. There were no true solutions. 
As a curious physician who wanted so badly to further help patients beyond the conventional, Dr. Norm began to open his research and understanding into what is called “Holistic Health”. With Holistic Health we address the core Mind, Body & Spirit to create health & wellness for the patient. We connect all 3 to provide an overall comprehensive approach to health & wellness where we use natural therapies and conventional therapies when needed. 
Already an awarded physician, in 1972 Dr. C. Norman Shealy went back to school and completed his Humanistic Psychology PhD in Holistic self-regulation & stress management.

This lead to the development of Biogenics and the book “90 Days to self health”.

Biogenics is the foundation for self-regulation & stress management, essential tools for survival in todays world. 
Dr. Sergey Shealy-Sorin has a deep understanding of binaural beats, brain wave frequencies and healing sound vibrations. When Dr. Norm and Dr. Sergey met in 2015, they became soul brothers near instantly. 
The 2 leading holistic health physicians set out on a path to bring holistic health to the world. 

They decided to further enhance BIOGENICS by taking Dr. Norm’s biofeedback training deeply rooted in humanistic psychology and combined it with Dr. Sergey’s powerful healing music and vibrational frequencies, to create now what is considered the best Biofeedback & Self-Regulation training in the world, BIOGENICS!
The combination of the powerful sound frequencies imprinted with GAMMA brain wave music, binaural beats and soothing healing vibrations coupled with the Biofeedback language allows BIOGENICS users to effortlessly attain a state of deep relaxation much quicker than other meditations or programs on the market. It also creates deeper healing, better self-regulation, more control over your body, thoughts, feelings & emotions and finally a method to create true peace, love and light in everyday of your life.  
it optimizies brain 
The BIOGENICS Course is your fast track to learning Biofeedback, Self-Regulation,Stress Solutions and improving everyday life by giving you the power to control your own domain from the mind (your control center)!
It is our most up to date teachings and access to all 60+ brain trainings for health & wellness.

– Stress Solutions
– Reduce Stress & ​​Reduce Anxiety
​- Easy to Use Self-Regulation Techniques
​- Holistic Stress Management Brain Training Meditations
​- Natural Ways to Enhance Sleep & Relaxation
​- Improve “DIS-EASE” Take Control of Your Health
– ​Increase Concentration & Creativity
– ​Foster Positive Thoughts, Energy & Emotions
​​- Achieve Brain Synchronization with Binaural Beats to improve mental clarity
​- Increase Well-Being For Enjoyment of Life & Loved Ones

BIOGENICS is more than just a meditation because of the

– Powerful Biofeedback language with thousands of studies behind it,
– Binaural beats to put the brain into hemisphere synchronization which unlocks powerful & increase healing and training of the brain
– GAMMA Brain waves imprinted into the music to help reach a deeper meditative state faster for increased benefits
– 36,000 successful cases where conventional medicine has failed
– Taught by 2 word leading holistic physicians and you gain access to ask questions inside our private group

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is a common saying that we’ve all heard before. What if I told you that this concept is actually false? That’s right, no matter your age, you can master any new skill because your brain is constantly growing and learning. This is all thanks to a little something that we like to call neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity or brain plasticity, is a process that involves adaptive structural and functional changes to the brain.

Now, you can positively impact these adaptive structural changes or negatively impact them. The choice is yours and BIOGENICS can help you to positively impact.

Neuroplasticity is a fancy way of describing the human brain’s miraculous way of constant growth and adaptation. It was once believed that at a certain age, our brain’s pathways become fixed, and stop growing. This belief has since been disproven.

New experiences, knowledge, and information are owed credit to our brains ability to adapt and change throughout life. That’s right, your brain connections grow every time you learn a new skill. It creates new connections or synapses of the neurons inside your brain.

We can positively influence these connections and synapses inside our brains by delivering the right kind of message and training.

Let’s walk through an example:
** Let’s be clear one one thing first, this is not some simple glorified “positivity” – it is much deeper than that. **

Dishes in the sink or other small chores.

These can become MOUNTAINS to overcome for many people. Simply because that is the synapses and connections you have created in your mind!

“It takes so long to do the dishes!” “I hate doing the dishes!” “The dishes are the worst part about cooking.” are all common thoughts associated with dishes & other household chores.

Our connections we have created in our brain have put these activities into a negative connotation.

You may see a pattern here, where these statements have been said for many years, over and over. It has become almost the instant reactionary response you think, feel and projects as soon as a topic of “dishes” comes up.

Now I am NOT going to tell you this is some magic potion we can use so we just love doing dishes…

But I will tell you that you can change the connections in your brain to make “dishes” or “household chores” be less of a burden.

This is neuroplasticity and takes time. You can modify your routine thinking so that “dishes” are no longer just a negative.

Another example:
If you wake up everyday and you say to yourself “I love myself! Today is going to be a great day!”
It is likely you are happy and joyful for the day.

On the contrary, if you wake up every day and you say to yourself “I hate myself. Today is going to be a terrible day.”
It is like you will experience a negative day, low self esteem, negative mood and thoughts. It will not be a happy day.

Either one these statements have become the routine because that is the connection & synapses that have been created inside your brain and will trigger in the morning time.

Now it is possible to rewire these synapses to make positive change and influence them to be the way YOU want them to be.

Last example:
Every time you mess a task up, you may use negative language in your mind such as “I am not good at anything” or “I suck at this”. This can cause negative feelings and emotions when you are doing this activity.

This is an example of the training that has already been created inside your mind.

You can retrain with positive statements instead and using neuroplasticity, create positive outcomes.

“I am better than last try.” “My skill is growing.”

It takes time and work to retrain the connections.

BIOGENICS helps recreate these connections and synapses in the brain through neuroplasticity.

The belief that our brains stop growing after a certain age probably stems from the fact that your younger years are the most optimal time to learn new skills such as playing an instrument or learning a sport.

Just because childhood is the best time to master a skill doesn’t mean it is the only time. This is where the importance of neuroplasticity or the growth mindset comes in. With the right brain exercise and practice, you can keep growing your brain and even rewire it to make up for any negative thought patterns or narrowed thinking that you’ve developed over the years.

Have you ever felt like something just clicked?

Kind of like when you’re staring at a math problem or an essay prompt for hours and then finally, you seemingly magically understand the solution or the words finally start to flow.

That’s your brain, functioning, thriving, and growing.

When a task feels challenging, that is actually the feeling of your brain growing and learning.

Understanding the concept of neuroplasticity can give you the power to unlock your brains fullest potential. If you believe that your brain can’t grow anymore, then you’re closing the door on a whole world of information that could help you grow and function at your highest capacity.

We are only as efficient as we believe for ourselves to be.

Mastering a new skill causes more and more neurons to create pathways in the brain, kind of like a bridge connecting different areas.

This leads to the ability to learn and grow more and makes it easier to accomplish tasks that might have felt challenging at first. The more you learn, the more you can achieve. It’s kind of like a snowball effect!

Neuroplasticity And BIOGENICS®

BIOGENICS® might be your first step in rewiring your brain and keeping those pathways fresh and functional. This scientifically backed approach to overall wellness is rooted in a number of different holistic concepts that focus on healing the human mind and body as a whole.

When we think about wellness, we aren’t just worried about being physically well, being mentally well is just as vital.

Neuroplasticity is one of the fundamental principles behind BIOGENICS®. Our founders believe that you don’t have to settle for an unsatisfied life whether that means chronic illness, mental health issues, or an overall inability to manage life’s stressors. We know that every person has an endless potential, because the human mind is so incredibly powerful.

BIOGENICS® focuses strongly on the growth mindset approach. We know that you can achieve anything through the right amount of focus and determination.

We’ve seen the results first-hand. BIOGENICS® is like exercise for the brain, meditation practices and brain training help improve memory, focus, and can even help overcome anxiety, stress and depression.

Do you feel like you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

If you tend to let life’s challenges stand in your way, it may be time to open your mind and accept that these challenges are a part of life.

Learning to embrace mistakes might be the best step you could take to grow, change, develop, and improve your overall wellness.

Binaural (meaning to use both ears) beats are specific audio frequencies for your ears. The specific frequency is created by playing two separate frequencies into each ear at the same time. Your brain takes the difference between these two frequencies to create a new frequency – the binaural beat.
BIOGENICS uses the most widely researched frequency of binaural beats as well as GAMMA Brain frequency imprinted into the music. This assist to create faster, deeper and longer relaxation that other programs. 
Now lets talk about the connection between frequencies and brain waves. 
Brain waves are electrical signals that communicate with the neurons in our brain. They happen at different frequencies and are measured in hertz by an EEG machine. Your brain cycles through these different brain waves throughout the day, and it depends on what you are doing at the present moment. Each of the brain waves has a name and listening to binaural beats that are within the same frequency of the brain wave or state of mind you’d like to be in the can, in a sense, summon that particular brain wave. 
It is actually possible to unlock more areas of your brain that you aren’t using to increase efficiency and focus, and to unlock a whole host of other physical and emotional benefits.
You might also hear brain synchronization referred to as brain entrainment, neural entrainment, brain coherence, or even brain exercise. These terms are referring to a state in which your brain shifts from a one side dominance to whole brain dominance.
When this shift occurs, your nervous system experiences positive effects that can enhance your mind body integration and cause positive effects on physical and emotional health.
Brain synchronization through sound therapy is one of the many ways that BIOGENICS® is changing lives. The benefits that real people have found include overcoming chronic illness, managing everyday stress, and even the ability to stop taking prescription medications. Everyone has something to gain from BIOGENICS®, even kids.
When whole brain synchrony occurs, your mind experiences a dip in cognitive activity, causing an overall decrease in anxiety and negative thinking. Think of it this way, when you’re stressed or anxious you may feel like you are thinking a lot, your mind is overwhelmed, you can’t stop thinking or quiet the mind.
When your brain reaches a balanced point of homeostasis, it is in a quiet and still state. You’re having less thoughts, but the ones you are having are efficient, clear and focused.
Stop Engaging in Self-Limiting Behavior
Brain coherence is a great way to improve your effectiveness in life and excel more at work, when playing sports, and during creative moments. When you use both sides of the brain at the same time, your thoughts are efficient, balanced, and successful.
So how do you achieve brain synchrony?
There are a number of ways to achieve brain synchrony including meditation, exercise, alternate nose breathing, and listening to music.
But one of the most straightforward ways is through sound therapy using binaural beats. Both physicians who founded BIOGENICS®, Dr. C. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin, have spent years studying the therapeutic benefits of sound.
How Binaural Beats Can Quiet Your Mind
Binaural beats can improve the mood and help modify behavior and response.
Binaural beats are a type of sound therapy that uses sound waves of differing frequencies delivered through headphones to create a sound illusion in the brain.
These differing frequencies cause the brain hemispheres to work together to fill in the frequency gap that exists between the different sound waves, as one frequency is delivered to the right ear while a different frequency is delivered to the left. This causes a harmonious effort between both sides of the brain, initiating whole brain dominance.
The effects of this type of sound therapy have been studied through Electroencephalogram (EEG) diagnostic imaging, showing profound changes in brainwave activity and measurable positive body changes seen through blood tests and other assessment strategies.
Binaural beats can improve the mood and help modify behavior and response.
This type of sound therapy has similar effects on the body as meditation but it works much faster. Often, meditation requires a consistent routine before seeing the tremendous benefits. Meditation is still incredibly beneficial and shouldn’t be discredited, but binaural beats are an even faster working self care practice to add to your routine.
Everyone Is Affected By Sound
It is true that sound affects everyone. Learning to harmonize your brain waves through sound therapy can benefit your whole family. Brain synchronization exercises are safe to use on your kids and can be extremely beneficial to help kids who struggle with focus, concentration, ADHD, and behavioral issues.
Regardless of your age it will help your body with it’s response to pain and illness, it can improve blood pressure, reduce pain and increase energy. If you’re searching for an answer to quiet your mind and overcome stressful, negative thought patterns, brain synchronization might be the next best step for you.
BIOGENICS® is a great way to start your journey with sound therapy and brain synchronization. This course can help you feel more calm and focused than ever before, conquer your chronic illnesses, and even improve your memory. Are you ready to start functioning at your highest potential?

Some users have reported a noticeable difference within the very first BIOGENICS Biofeedback Brain Training Session.

Others it takes a little longer. You must be consistent and practice these trainings to get the best results. We suggest working with Autogenic Focus for the first 30-90 days for mastery. You are welcomed to add any of the other titles as soon as you like such as “Every Thought Is A Prayer” , “Pain Relief” and “Who Am I”.

YES. We have worked with over 36,000+ people who have benefited greatly from BIOGENICS®.  

For those of you who know us here at the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, and those who are new, there are 2 things we stand by 1000%: 
1. We NEVER promote solutions without DEFINITIVE Clinical Proof!
2. We practice what we preach every single day in our own lives to create optimal wellness!

We USE BIOGENICS everyday in our own lives!

Bottom line: 

BIOGENICS works when you use it and apply the teachings!

A completely stress free life is not possible in our world. But, the higher your stress level, the higher the need for self-regulation tools to manage stress and not allow the stress to enable the body & mind to slip into dis-ease. That is where BIOGENICS comes in!


Those who follow through and complete the course are expected to improve their quality of life, have a tool to cope with everyday stresses of life that are inevitable, and achieve better outcomes in all areas of life (health, wellness, career, personal, relationships) by obtaining homeostasis of the MIND, BODY and SPRIT.

Fantastic – we have more answers!

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Call us : Between 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday – (417) 467-2124

Rewire your Brain

BIOGENICS® is much more than a simple set of video lectures. It’s a complete blueprint which can transform your life and take it to the next level.

Lower Stress & Anxiety and Manage Pain

It’s really quite simple, we use sound treatment and brain waves synchronization to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much quicker!

Achieve Neuroplasticity "Brain Training"

BIOGENICS® explores the science and cutting-edge research behind neuroplasticity, then teaches you how to harness its power and change the way your brain functions from the ground up to positively impact your life!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (Inside the Biogenics Online Course) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. Dr. Sergey Shealy-Sorin also recommends BIOGENICS as the foundation for the “MIND” component of “Mind, Body, Spirit.” 

– Blessings, Love and Light,
Shealy-Sorin Wellness

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