Bliss Essential Oils - Transcutaneous Acupuncture

The five Bliss Oils are made of high quality essential oils sourced from India and a proprietary blend. Each bottle will last for 4-6 weeks.

Below you will see each ring: Fire, Air, Earth, Water & Crystal. Click on the button below each information card to go to the page that shows each point to apply the bliss oil!

The Five Sacred Health Rings

About Transcutaneous Acupuncture

The Fiver Rings represent the single most effective way to ensure health and longevity! Restoring your DHEA, calcitonin, & reducing free radicals are the most proven way to enhance regeneration of Telomeres, the tips of DNA responsible for health & longevity. 

The best part is it takes only 1-2 minutes per day! 

Our Shealy-Sorin Bliss Oils represent the 5 Sacred Energy Rings that were discovered during Dr. Shealy’s many years of extensive research.

  • The 5 Sacred Energy Rings are Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Crystal.
  • Each Sacred Energy Ring has 12-13 pressure points on the body that produce specific results.

Boosting oxytocin: Oxytocin is often referred to as the “happy hormone”. This hormone can increase feelings of happiness and contentment.

– Raising DHEA levels: DHEA is one of the most important chemicals in the body that helps with stress management, as it combats chronic and acute illnesses.

Regulating thyroid function: The thyroid gland regulates a whole host of bodily functions including metabolism, growth and development. Optimal function of this vital gland is absolutely essential to living a long, healthy life.

Decreasing free radicals: Free radicals are harmful chemicals that often cause health issues within the body. Acupuncture and bliss therapy are some of the only known ways to reduce these harmful toxins within the body.

Reducing inflammation: Excessive inflammation can lead to arthritis, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

Normalizing aldosterone levels: Aldosterone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that helps regulate blood pressure, weight loss and overall body fluid balance.

Normalizing calcitonin levels: The hormone calcitonin is responsible for bone health. Often, calcitonin levels are thrown off by poor diet and exercise habits.

Musculoskeletal pain reliever: Transcutaneous acupuncture can work as a pain reliever by targeting specific body parts and having a relaxing effect.

Regrowth of telomeres: Telomeres play a vital role in longevity. Telomeres slowly shrink overtime as our bodies age, the more we can conserve and regrow them, the longer we can live and thrive.

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