Earth Bliss Oil

Crafted by the Renowned Dr. Norm Shealy


Delve into the Power of the Ring of Earth the Bone and Body Guardian.

In the tapestry of our body, the solid foundation of our skeleton plays a pivotal role, making calcitonin an essence of optimal health. Earth Bliss Oil taps into the potential of this crucial peptide, nurturing the bedrock of our wellbeing.

🌍 The Crucial Role of Calcitonin: Calcitonin serves not only to uphold the strength of our bones but also as a potent natural pain-relieving agent. Given the common challenges of osteoporosis and chronic pain, the Ring of Earth circuit shines with potential.

🌟 Potential Benefits of the Ring of Earth:

  • Boosted Calcitonin Levels: Earth Bliss Oil might enhance your body’s natural defenses for optimal bone health.

  • Strengthening Bones: A potential ally for bolstering the very foundation of your body.

  • Combatting Osteoporosis: Could offer a natural approach to tackling the challenges of brittle bones.

  • Natural Pain Alleviation: Might be a source of relief for those seeking solace from persistent discomfort.

  • Neurological Support: When combined with the Ring of Crystal, there’s potential to address certain neurological disorders.

  • Cellular Renewal: In synergy with Rings of Fire & Crystal, Earth Bliss Oil might assist in the potential regeneration of telomeres.


Below are the acupuncture points where you should apply the Ring of Earth Bliss Oil. Hover over the picture to see the benefits of the Ring of Earth. 



On the soles of the feet. Run a finger below head the big bone of the long bone of the big toe into the space at the bottom of the head of the long bone of the second toe


Behind the outsides of the ankle bones, in that space between the ankle bones and Achilles tendons


Directly behind the knees in the center


Run you fingers behind the collar bones out as far as you can go, in the muscles just medial to the bones of the shoulders


Run your fingers from the top of your Adam’s or Eve’s apple, into that space before you come to the muscles. DO NOT TAP OR MASSAGE THIS POINT! Pick up the skin there and twist/pinch it vigorously!


Move your fingers out to grab the front of that muscle just beyond the S 9 points and pinch the front edges of the muscles


Top center of head above the ears

About Transcutaneous Acupuncture

Transcutaneous Acupuncture is an improved modern strategy for supporting health and longevity. The Five Rings are thought to assist in restoring your DHEA, calcitonin, and reducing free radicals – which may encourage the regeneration of Telomeres, DNA tips linked with health and longevity.  

Our Shealy-Sorin Bliss Oils represent the 5 Sacred Energy Rings that were discovered during Dr. Shealy’s many years of extensive research.

  • The 5 Sacred Energy Rings are Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Crystal.
  • Each Sacred Energy Ring has 12-13 pressure points on the body that produce specific results.

The best part is it takes only 1-2 minutes per day! 

It might assist in boosting oxytocin: Often known as the “happy hormone”, oxytocin may promote feelings of happiness and contentment.

They could potentially raise DHEA levels: DHEA is considered an important bodily chemical that may help manage stress and combat chronic and acute illnesses.

The rings could assist regulating thyroid function: The thyroid gland, which regulates various bodily functions like metabolism, growth, and development, is key to leading a healthy life.

They could potentially decrease free radicals: Free radicals, harmful chemicals often linked to health issues, are thought to be reduced by therapies like acupuncture and bliss therapy.

The Rings may assist in reducing inflammation: Excessive inflammation is often linked with conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

They might assist in normalizing aldosterone levels: Aldosterone, a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure, weight loss, and overall body fluid balance, is produced by the adrenal glands.

The Rings might help normalize calcitonin levels: The hormone calcitonin is associated with bone health, and it can be affected by poor diet and exercise habits.

The Rings could act as a musculoskeletal pain reliever: Transcutaneous acupuncture may offer relief by targeting specific body parts and inducing relaxation.

They might support the regrowth of telomeres: Telomeres, which play a vital role in longevity, gradually shrink as our bodies age. The more we can potentially conserve and regrow them, the longer we might live and thrive.

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