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Buy Out

Desire to acquire?

A bottomless and consuming fire…
Consider considering…’greed’….
We buy ‘things’
We do not need…
Because what we need
We cannot buy…
We cannot be bought unless we’ve been taught.

Gratefully… there are those who resist; refuse to be ‘caught’….

Consume what we need not
Due to longing and searching and lusting for what the world convinces…
That we require–

Trusting and believing that we must own….

Buy in because our ego has been taught to feed

Without truly understanding what the cost involves… that cost is

Universal greed

What we need….we cannot buy..
Consume what we need not…due to longing and searching and lusting…

For the world tempts us…and on this we truly can rely….

But trusting?

We buy because we think it will help us to soar and even lead-
And if we cease to harken and sow that prudent seed?
The outcome is in the input;

For posterity –all should heed.

The wisdom of the Universe
Remains the course
On which we must proceed

In order to evolve and in TRUTH…Succeed.

I watched the program “Horders” and wrote this after…
Georgianne Ginder   December 6, 2016



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