Calcitonin, a rarely mentioned hormone, is one of the big 3 in maintaining health as we mature. This unique hormone, produced in the thyroid gland, is responsible for the strength and integrity of your skeleton. Since hip fractures from osteoporosis are a major contributor to premature death in the elderly, calcitonin is particularly important after age 65. Interestingly, calcitonin is also one of the most important natural analgesics; it is 40 to 60 times as potent as morphine.

Calcitonin is available as an injectable drug or a nasal spray. However, it is expensive and, more importantly, the pharmaceutical product is derived from salmon calcitonin. Although evolution is an interesting concept, some individuals are fatally allergic to the salmon-derived drug product.

As with all physiology, activation of the body to optimize its own production of calcitonin is ideal. The biggest hindrance to calcitonin homeostasis appears to be normal thyroid function. Individuals with low thyroid function may not be able to be as easily jump-started as those with normal thyroid metabolism.

Unfortunately 80 to 90% of Americans and Canadians, and I suspect of the world population, have sluggish thyroids. The best way to determine normal thyroid function is to take your temperature for 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning. If your oral temperature is BELOW 97.6 degrees as you awaken, you are relatively hypothyroid. If your mid-afternoon oral temperature is below 98.6 degrees, you are at least relatively hypothyroid.

How to restore thyroid function.

The simplest method of restoring thyroid function is to take Liquid Iodine, 1500 micrograms daily for one or two months. If your temperature is still low, the thyroid MAY respond to stimulation of the Ring of Fire. Incidentally, if your temperature does normalize, you need to continue on iodine at least 600 micrograms daily.

How to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

If thyroid function is normal, stimulation of the Ring of Earth is a potentially life-saving approach to preventing or treating osteoporosis. The Ring of Earth is a circuit of 13 acupuncture points that I intuitively discovered. I have proven that stimulation of this circuit with the SheLi TENS significantly raises calcitonin hormone levels. This is a patented process. Of course, you need to take adequate nutrients to be able to make bone:

This program has been tested and proven effective. Of course, you might ask about hormone replacement. The answer is a huge NO. Horse estrogen and artificial progesterone are dangerous to your health and life and no other hormone regimen has been proven effective, certainly nothing to compare with the Ring of Earth.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your commitment to self-health and optimal aging.

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