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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Diabetic neuropathy is a significant disease, with no conventional treatment that works. Non-diabetic neuropathy is even more difficult with no known medical treatment. Thus I am most grateful to have received this note:
                “I finally tried your 5 Bliss oils.  I have non-diabetic neuropathy.  It was working its way into the large colon muscles resulting in such severe problems I thought I had bowel obstruction. After three days of Bliss use, my stool became loose and putrid. Next two days, I was back to normal and still am.”

Obviously, this is one case but it shows the possibility and is well worth trying in this difficult problem! As well as in diabetic neuropathy.

For a description of each oil and to order:
Air Bliss
Crystal Bliss
Earth Bliss
Fire Bliss
Water Bliss
Set of All 5 Bliss Oils

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