In 1925 Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer, introduced his book, The Secret of Life, which is still in print. It was translated into English in 1935 and a few years later he immigrated to New York where, at a major New York hospital, three hundred patients were treated with the Lakhovsky multiwave oscillator with apparently remarkable success in a wide variety of diseases, ranging from cancer to diabetes. Lakhovsky stated that human DNA has a frequency of 50 plus billion cycles per second or GigaHz.

In 1965, I introduced the concept of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS. My interest was inspired by an antique device called Electreat, which was patented in 1919 by C.W. Kent, a naturopathic physician. After 7 years of pushing engineers to make a modern solid-state stimulator, they finally came through. However, I noted that the output did not feel as satisfactory for pain control or extend as far into the body. Nevertheless, the modern TENS devices were moderately successful; and even though they have not been widely accepted by the medical profession, they are used throughout the world.

In 1992, I was invited to visit the Ukraine where they had already treated 200,000 patients for virtually every known disease with frequencies between 54 and 78 GigaHz, which they said was human DNA frequency. They were applying 1 billionth of a watt/cm2 through 1 mm electrodes applied to acupuncture points. About half of the physicians in the Ukraine treated only Large Intestine 4 or Hoku believing that they were able essentially to recharge the energy system of the body through that very strong point. The other half of the physicians felt that you had to treat specific acupuncture points. Over the next ten years after I returned from the Ukraine, I discovered that the old Electreat put out those frequencies and eventually I was able to develop, patent and have approved by the FDA a modern, solid-state device, the SheLi TENS, that puts out all of the frequencies that were in the original Electreat, which does include the 54 to 78 GigaHz, at the same intensity as the Ukrainian devices. I have always found this particular output to be much more favorable for relief of pain.

Between 1992 and 2002, I discovered five specific circuits in the body, which specifically could either raise DHEA, aldosterone, neurotensin or calcitonin or, in the case of the fifth circuit, reduce free radicals. I have published this work and also demonstrated that use of the circuit which raises DHEA successfully, reduces migraine frequency and intensity by 75%. It also successfully controls the pain of diabetic neuropathy 80% of the time and successfully controls rheumatoid arthritis problems in 70% of patients and relieves depression 70% of the time.

Meanwhile, in 1975 Saul Liss, an engineer, brought me his device that puts out a frequency of 15,000 Hz, later modulated also by 15 and 500 Hz. Using the Shealy adaptation of this device, for 40 to 60 minutes each morning transcranially, we demonstrated over the years that it markedly stabilizes and optimizes serotonin production and increases beta endorphin production. More importantly, using only the Liss cranial electrical stimulator, Shealy series, we can relieve depression in 50% of chronically depressed patients, far better and safer than any antidepressant drug. When we combine that with the relaxation benefits of the Shealy RelaxMate II™, we actually can successfully bring 85% of depressed patients out of their depression within two weeks. This is twice as effective as the best antidepressant drug, without the ”side-effects” like the vitamin d penile growth would have for some people.

Over the last several months, taking a clue from the Ukrainian physicians who treated only Hoku, I have discovered that the SheLi TENS puts out those Giga frequencies up to a foot away from the device itself, which means that if you hold it in your hands, Hoku and all of the hand acupuncture meridians are receiving and absorbing the full output. On an oscilloscope, we demonstrated that in fact the body totally absorbs all of the output from the device. More importantly, holding it in the hands for 10 minutes and placing it behind the knees for 10 minutes, without having to attach it to the acupuncture points, we have now demonstrated that it reduces free radicals in over 75% of individuals, essentially as effective as the Ring of Crystal; and we have increasing evidence that it raises DHEA and calcitonin while reducing free radicals. This approach is by far the simplest I have found for optimizing the three most critical chemical substrates for health and longevity, DHEA, calcitonin and free radicals. Maintaining DHEA levels is extremely important in all illness and especially for pain control. Calcitonin is the strongest known analgesic; and, of course, free radical reduction means that you are reducing inflammatory response, which is often associated with pain. The SheLi TENS, the Liss CES, Shealy series and the Shealy RelaxMate II, are all available at 888-242-6105. Both the Liss and SheLi TENS

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