Those who have been subscribers for at least a year will remember my first article on the benefits of vitamin D 3, in which I mentioned the casual comment from my friend, Dr. Prendergast, that his patients had incidentally reported growth of the penis. Further investigation was warranted to see if Vitamin D for penis growth really existed. Well, the research is done and it works — AS WELL AS PENILE AUGMENTATION SURGERY!








What is Vitamin D Supplementation Used For?

When low Vitamin D levels are present in one’s diet, Vitamin D3 is prescribed as a dietary supplement. Those most at risk of Vitamin D deficiency include obese people, older people, those with limited sun exposure, breastfed infants, and more. Vitamin D levels are needed by one’s body for muscles, cardiovascular health, bone health, nerves, and to support the immune system. Levels of Vitamin D deficiency contribute to a lot of different health issues and those with it will lack a lot of what is needed for good health.

Vitamin D3 along with calcium is used to prevent osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and bone diseases. Vitamin D is also connected to metabolic illnesses and metabolic and structural changes, including diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases, insulin resistance, and various cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or endothelial dysfunction, a type of non-obstructive heart disease.

In more recent years, metabolic research suggests that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a male sexual dysfunction called Erectile dysfunction, better known as ED. Evidence has shown healthy Vitamin D levels are needed for sufficient erectile function. In other words, Vitamin D is crucial not only for a healthy body but also for good sexual health and sexual function. Vitamin D deficiency levels of <20 ng/mL were associated with an increased erectile dysfunction risk, whereas those who have Vitamin D levels of >35 ng/mL had a decreased prevalence of erectile dysfunction. All in all, it is found that there is a direct correlation between Vitamin D and erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction

Findings suggest that Vitamin D is crucial for different systems of the human body. This includes the endothelial function, immune systems, and more. It has also been found that Vitamin D deficiency contributes to sexual dysfunction also known as Erectile dysfunction. As stated above, males with Vitamin D levels of 35 ng/mL and more had a decreased ED prevalence whereas those with lower deficiency levels of Vitamin D (20 ng/mL or less) have an increased risk of ED. So make sure when you have your annual check-up next time around, look for higher than 35 ng/mL levels of Vitamin D!

Erectile dysfunction and low sex drive are a direct result from male sexual hormones (reduced serum testosterone levels) and also has a direct correlation with vitamin d deficiency. Some may say Vitamin D supplementation is a sexual medicine (more specifically middle-aged vitamin for the aging male)- but in fact, it is not and is just good for human beings’ overall health. Better overall health and Vitamin D status mean better testosterone concentration and sexual function. With all this being better, erectile dysfunction won’t be an issue, which means that you can most likely avoid testosterone replacement therapy. One can safely say Vitamin D and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand.

Vitamin D and the Human Male Reproductive Tract

Along with testosterone deficiency and diminished erectile function, another part of sexual function that is affected by Vitamin D levels is human reproduction. The Vitamin D receptor (VDR) is found throughout the body, including the male reproductive tract. There is a correlation between serum Vitamin D receptor levels and semen quality, although studies have not yet determined if this is a direct or indirect correlation. Vitamin D receptor level insufficiency has been shown to affect the production and motility of sperm cells.

Vitamin D and Penile Growth Study

Now, most women may not care about this information, but penis size is one of the major psychological concerns of men, at least equal to those of weight and height. In fact, the most serious criticism and put down of a man is to attack his penis size! It was noted in a study that only 55% of men are satisfied with their penis size.

This really is surprising, since Kinsey settled the issue of what is really “average” over 50 years ago when he reported that 54% of men had a penis length of 6 inches OR LESS. And only 0.6% of men were over 8 inches in length. The absurdity is that these snide put-downs make men feel inferior!

However, have no fret because in my study, fourteen adult men volunteered in our experiment where 50,000 units of Vitamin D supplementation and 100 mcg of vitamin K 2 was given and then we evaluated the potential for penile growth. It was found that overall penis length increased by 0.46 inches (statistically significant a the 0.0001 level) and a circumference increase of 0.523 inches (statistically significant at the 0.013 level). The maximum length increase was 0.9 inches and the maximum circumference increase was 1.5 inches. And these increases took place in 3 to 6 months, with no undesirable “side effects” from Vitamin D supplementation. It is conceivable that further growth will occur over a longer period.

This type of penile growth is significant because the results are comparable to those who went and got penis enlargement via surgical augmentation or a vacuum pump. The results add an average of one to two cm in length and two and a half cm in circumference. Penis enlargement via a vacuum pump or surgery also brings classic risk factors, whereas Vitamin D penile growth via Vitamin D supplementation is much safer and simpler. Vitamin D supplementation is no sexual medicine, but penile growth is definitely a byproduct of taking it.

So far, the only known important risk factors when taking large amounts of Vitamin D3 is excessive blood calcium levels with possible kidney damage. For this reason, it is recommended that those who take larger doses of Vitamin D3 avoid calcium supplementation. Other than this, there are no other known risk factors.

And a huge amount of e-spam suggests that many people are making money with the outrageous claims of herbal and other products for rather massive enhancement, not one of which has scientific proof.

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So, yes, Vitamin D supplementation for penis growth does exist. But, perhaps the best news overall is that virtually everyone reported improved overall energy as well as libido AND virtually no viral infections from the Vitamin D treatment! Of course, the really important benefits of D 3 and K 2 are improved immune function as well as good evidence that over the long run there are many other health benefits — reduced incidence of hypertension, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, 17 types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, sexual function (lower risk of erectile dysfunction), testosterone production, bone metabolism, etc, etc!

We have hundreds of men and women taking Vitamin D treatment along with K 2 now. Remember the only restricted diet administered are NORMAL kidney function and NO extra calcium supplements while on the daily large dosages daily. All healthy adults should take at least one dose a week forever! And daily dosages are recommended for those 140 pounds and heavier. This may be the single most important additive you can take to enhance health overall! Just remember, Vitamin D insufficiency can affect the body in many different ways so be sure to consult your doctor for some Vitamin D supplementation if your blood samples show low levels of Vitamin D receptor.

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