USA TODAY’s front feature on March 3, 2005, proclaimed a ”doctor shortage.” Over 25 years ago the Secretary of HEW stated ”Make no mistake; this is a consensus among experts throughout the world.” He was referring to the CA– USE of the vast majority of illnesses-sick lifestyle. About the same time Dr. John Knowles, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, stated that 85% of all illnesses are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. About the same time Dr. Thomas McKeown emphasized that 92% of our increased longevity was the result of improved sanitation, chlorination of water, pasteurization of milk and adequate protein (THE ROLE OF MEDICINE). Dr. Inglefinger, editor of the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE at that time, editorialized that ”-we wind up barely on the positive side of zero” with our medical advances.

With two-thirds of all Americans now overweight and one third just plain fat, with a majority of NFL players well overweight, with more than 25% of Americans still smoking, with alcohol and drug abuse still unacceptably high-what is the role of physicians?? With over 80% of all drugs listed in the PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE, not adequately proven (Congressional OTA), with 250,000 Americans KILLED by the American Medical System each year (JAMA statistics, 2000), we need more of the obscene no responsibility, PharmacoMafia driven system?? Nurse Practitioners can easily accomplish 80+% of the medical care needed, at less cost and risk. They are much more attuned to patient education and common sense.

We do not need more physicians. We need more ”average” Americans with more common sense, the uncommon commodity. We need NO fast food, no cigarettes or tobacco, less television, fewer drugs (legal and illegal), more physical activity, especially if doing bodybuilding than thinking about calcium d glucarate dosage, and more common sense relaxation for stress reduction.

Take the two top drugs in the world: statins and anti-depressants. Statins are another major catastrophy waiting to happen, far worse than the horse estrogen/Premarin? fiasco. They damage muscles, brains, the peripheral nervous system, liver and even heart muscle. Far safer and more effective are such natural products as beta sitosterol—but no gold in it for the PharmacoMafia! Antidepressants—seven percent better than placebo, at best, with a twenty-five percent complication rate. And in over 30,000 patients I have proven that the Liss CES, Shealy Series, plus photostimulation with the RelaxMate II, and a little education are twice as effective as the best drug, with no complications. No money for the PharmacoMafia.

When we somehow move in this logical and sane direction, then the GOOD of proper medical care will shine. We need competent surgeons-but

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