C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

The term Medical Intuition was created in 1988, while Caroline Myss and I were writing THE CREATION OF HEALTH. Unfortunately there are more space cadets calling themselves Medical Intuitive despite NO CERTIFICATION. BEWARE of the flakes!

The Creation of Health


Many of us use intuition in our lives and practices. Holos University Graduate Seminary subscribes to the code of ethics set forth by the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition (ABSMI).  Below are the highlights of that code and a link to the code in its entirety. Please read it carefully and go to our website for more information. At the end of this message there is a link to forward this information to any one you feel would benefit from having it.

Highlights of the code are:

Medical Intuitives and Counseling Intuitives use psycho-spiritual approaches to optimize attitude and relationships. Intuition reveals energetic disturbances, which may not be manifest in the physical body.

Intuitive approaches are complementary adjuncts for clients wanting a second opinion from a psycho-spiritual point of view. Intuitives encourage clients always to seek medical evaluation for their disorders, and always suggest medical confirmation of a suspected pathophysiology.

Intuitives Primary Creed Includes;

  • *Do no harm;
  • *Always seek permission from the client;
  • *Honor all other approaches and opinions;
  • *Confidentiality;
  • *Integrity;
  • *No private agendas;
  • *Compassion with detachment;
  • *Responsible Counseling; and
  • *Fair Compensation.

Intuitives NEVER:

  • *Are critical of other modalities;
  • *Make a pathological diagnosis;
  • *Predict: longevity/death or outcome of a medication, medical or surgical procedure, or prognosis; or
  • *Advise a client to stop existing medical therapy.

The entire code may be downloaded from:

ABSMI Code of Ethics

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