In 1972 I met Henry Rucker, one of the most charismatic and effective counselors I have ever known. Henry, without any training, was also 70% accurate in making a medical diagnosis without seeing the patient. He became a Pastoral Counselor at the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, which I had established at St. Francis Hospital in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. In 1973 I received a $50,000 grant from a Fortune 500 company to study intuitive diagnosis; the caveat was that their name had to remain anonymous!

I interviewed and tested 75 individuals. The test allowed 10% chance of correct diagnosis. Almost all those tested were 50% accurate-highly significant but not very useful clinically! Five individuals were 70 to 75% accurate. In 1973 I met Dr. Robert Leichtman, an Internist. He was 96% accurate in giving a psychological diagnosis, far better than any I had ever received from PhD psychologists. Bob was also 80% accurate at making a medical diagnosis over the phone. I worked with Bob and Henry for many years and still consult with Bob in difficult problems. Henry died in 2003 at the age of 82.

In 1984 I met Caroline Myss who turned out to be 93% accurate in making intuitive medical or psychological diagnoses. In 1988, in writing our first book together, THE CREATION OF HEALTH, we created the term Medical Intuitive–to replace commonly used terms like clairvoyant and psychic. Over the years I have tested a few dozen self-proclaimed medical intuitives; with two exceptions most have been dangerous flakes or worse. Other than Caroline, who no longer does personal intuitive analyses, and Bob, the only others I have been able to recommend are Cay Randall-May and Barbara Rasor. But the public interest in this field certainly suggests the need for many more competent and qualified intuitives. Google now has 921,000 listings for Medical Intuitive and 425,000 for Medical Intuition. I cannot recommend that you seek help that way! Consult

Four years ago, Caroline and I began a training program for individuals wishing to study Medical Intuition. It soon became clear that most of our students would become excellent COUNSELING Intuitives; thus that term was created. In June 2004, the first Board Exam was conducted. The governing board of American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition includes several physicians, psychologists and experts in the field of intuition. SEE THE SIDE BAR,” Medical/Counseling Intuition” for information on ABSMI and a list of those who have been Board Certified. This means they have met the STANDARDS required for use of the terms: Board Certified Medical Intuitive and Board Certified Counseling Intuitive. Google now has 195,000 listings for Counseling Intuitive and 119,000 for Counseling Intuition. For reliability, I recommend ONLY those certified by ABSMI, or see the side bar for a complete listing.

The training program in Medical Intuition continues under the auspices of Holos University Graduate Seminary, Our current group of MI students encourages me to believe that this field will continue to expand and mature.

Medical Intuitives can assist in sensing subtle energy changes and avenues for diagnostic exploration by physicians, when the medical diagnosis is not obvious. Counseling Intuitives can be of great help in Career Decisions, Creative Expression, Family Integration, Life Transition, Parenting, Partnerships, Relationships, Sexuality, and Spiritual Direction. Using Inner Counselor, Life Regression, Archetypal Analysis and other intuitively assisted approaches, Counseling Intuitives offer a novel and often unique satisfaction rarely achieved with more conventional therapists.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine from the Shealy-Sorin Wellness InstituteRegister and get his book 90 Days To Self-Health free

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