C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Zyflamend contains 10 anti-inflammatory herbs, which are far safer than any NSAID! This product also has far more supportive research than any herbal I know. There have been definitive articles on:

Joint health

Prostate health—excellent for BPH and prostate cancer

Breast health

Lung health

Bone health

Skin health

Pancreas health

Heart health

Zyflamend modulates natural anti-inflammatory activity.

I personally take Whole Body Zyflamend and Prostate Zyflamend. Although I have used saw palmetto for almost 20 years, I have switched to

Whole body Zyflamend, one twice daily &

Prostate Zyflamend, one twice daily. I still take one 160 mg double strength saw palmetto (instead of 3) , and 50 mg of pygeum daily

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