When I began this newsletter in September, 2004, the title of my next book was YOUTHFUL AGING—SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN. The book has been further polished and is to be published by Tarcher this December as LIFE BEYOND 100-THE SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. I think it is by far my best and most important book. My colleague, Caroline Myss agrees and says in the Foreword:

LIFE BEYOND 100: The Secret of the Fountain, builds upon that truth as a given, and introduces the reader to a domain of power – and self-empowerment – that exists as untapped potential that can, once released, slow down the aging process, not as a result of a vitamin or an exercise, but as a result of understanding the functioning mechanism between the physical body and the electromagnetic system, which is comprised of emotions, the psyche and the human spirit.

I have presented many of my favorite topics over the past 60+ weeks, often emphasizing the emotional, attitudinal components. Last week I presented the BASICS, which I think everyone should follow. Now, here are the other essentials for health and longevity:

Check your:

  • Homocysteine. If it is above 7.5, add folic acid, 100 mg and sublingual B 12, 1000 units daily
  • Cholesterol. If it is above 190, add policosanol 10 to 20 mg daily. Recheck in one month and if not around 190 or less, add beta sitosterol 1200 mg daily. Finally, if needed add lecithin granules, two heaping tablespoons, twice daily.
  • Free radicals. This is a simple and inexpensive urine test. I recommend you order the Oxidata 12-vial kit (www. netriceuticals.com) and check about once a month. If you are above one, see the recommendations below
  • High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein. If above 1, you want to bring it down. Although 1 to 3 is considered ”average” you want to be below average! HS-CRP and Free radicals are the most important monitors of inflammation and excessive oxidation (aging). The following are the best tools to assist you in this search. Everyone is individual and you may need to explore one or all of these supplements:

Ashwagandha—-1.5 grams daily
Milk Thistle——1.0 gram daily
L-arginine———3 grams daily
L-taurine———-3 grams at bedtime
Curcumin———1.5 grams daily
Boswellin———1.5 grams daily

An ABC news report June 2, 2005, is pushing an herbal mixture, Protandim, which essentially contains at least 4 of the above. My own experiments over the past year suggest that exploration of these supplements is best individualized. And probably les expensive. And don’t forget to order LIFE BEYOND 100-THE SECRETS OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

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