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Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s Recommended Youth Formula & Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials Formula Multivitamin with Super Greens

92% Of Americans Are Lacking At Least One Or More Key Nutrients.

Most of us don’t follow a perfectly balanced diet all the time. We simply have too much to do and too little time in our busy schedules, right?

Nutrient deficiencies exist extensively among many members of the U.S. population.

Rich, poor, well, or sick–92 percent of the population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency based on the Dietary Reference Intakes. 

The entire country is overfed and undernourished. Even if you consume a “perfect” diet, the odds are, many nutrients are missing.

So How Do You Get the Right Nutrients?

Youth Formula + Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials with Super Greens


The combination of Youth Formula and Essentials Formula is a powerhouse for foundational optimal wellness that fill real dietary, immune & nutrient gaps with benefits including:


Bring Your Foundational Health Into Focus & Build A Stronger Foundation For Youthful Longevity®

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Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials With Super Greens


Dr. Shealy-Sorin's Youth Formula


Formulated by True Holistic Doctors

Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s supplements are backed by 50 years of science and holistic medicine industry-leading expertise.

It’s simple and easy to take these natural supplements DAILY.

You’ll soon begin to feel better, have more energy and mental alertness.

Dr. Shealy's

Norm Shealy M.D.

Sergey Sorin M.D.


Protect Your health & Live Longer
The Youth Formula + Eco Essentials Formulas Powerful Combination!

Step #1.

Take Dr. Shealy-Sorin's Youth Formula Daily

Dr. Shealy’s Youth Formula combines Vitamin C & MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), in one supplement for real health benefits.

This patented formula has been proven to raise DHEA 60% to 100%. Low DHEA Levels are directly associated with illness, fatigue, inflammation and aging.

Our Youth Formula has been clinically proven in Dr. Shealy’s Research to rejuvenate DHEA levels (the Anti-Stress Hormone).

Maintenance of DHEA is essential for memory, immune competency & sexual potency.

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone that’s produced by your body.

DHEA Image

We’re not born with a lot of DHEA and don’t optimize maximum production of DHEA until about age 25.

But stress reduces DHEA, and by age 40, most people have already lost 10% or 20% from when they had at 25. And by age 80, the average person has lost 90% of the DHEA. 

Since levels of the DHEA hormone decline with age, maintaining a youthful balance offers many health benefits.

DHEA Image
Central Nervous System

The body makes DHEA on its own and then converts some DHEA to testosterone and estrogen, two powerful sex hormones needed for many different body functions beyond just reproduction.

These hormones are important for maintaining high energy levels, a strong metabolism, heart, brain and bone health, which is why natural declines in levels in these hormones associated with aging can result in many unwanted symptoms.

Step #2.

Take Dr. Shealy-Sorin's Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials Multivitamin Essentials with Super Greens Daily

Green Formula
Green Formula

Essentials Daily is a specially formulated blend of Shealy-Sorin wellnesses base recommended vitamins, B Complex & C. 

It is the ultimate foundation for optimal wellness.

Non-GMO, allergen-free & easy to use – take your capsules daily with food and you will start noticing the results quickly!

The best multivitamin combination will protect your brain, and body as a whole. In today’s polluted world self-care is more important than ever!

Thrive During Periods of High Stress with the Energy & Clearness of Mind from Having Your Body in Balance

Here’s What Goes Into
Dr. Shealy-Sorin's Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials
with Super Greens

Vitamin D3

The recommended form of vitamin D is vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol. This is the natural form of vitamin D that your body makes from sunlight. Vitamin D3 can help boost immunity, prevent bone and hair loss, and more.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote: cell health.
Vitamin D3 capsule or pill. Dietary supplements. Cholecalciferol


Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system, ward off illness at the first sign of symptoms, supports wound healing, and much more. It’s generally found to be lower in elderly adults and from anyone suffering from high levels of stress, making it essential in any multivitamin.


It’s believed that at least 40% of American adults don’t get enough calcium from diet alone - That’s why it’s so important to make sure it’s listed on your multivitamin label (especially for women, who are at a statistically higher risk for early bone density loss).
Vitamin C

Vitamin C

The well-known “superhero of immunity,” vitamin C is involved in many important bodily functions and is a powerful antioxidant that supports the body’s production of collagen, absorption of iron, and much more!

Vitamin E

This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, a strong immune system, and everyday health, It has antioxidant properties that help cells regenerate.

Bioflavonoid Complex

The antioxidant properties of bioflavonoids have been found to promote healthy circulation, increase capillary strength, protect collagen, and promote joint, immune, and cognitive health.

Iodine (Kelp)

Kelp is a type of large, brown seaweed that grows in shallow, nutrient-rich saltwater near coastal fronts around the world. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) say that seaweed, such as kelp, is one of the best natural food sources of iodine, an essential component in thyroid hormone production. It can also raise energy levels & boost brain function.


Magnesium is an important mineral, playing a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. Its many functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system.


It plays a critical role in metabolism and thyroid function and helps protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress. What's more, selenium may help boost your immune system, slow age-related mental decline, and even reduce your risk of heart disease.


Copper is an essential nutrient for the body. Together with iron, it enables the body to form red blood cells. It helps maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function, and it contributes to iron absorption. Sufficient copper in the diet may help prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, too.


Manganese is used for prevention and treatment of manganese deficiency, a condition in which the body doesn't have enough manganese. It is also used for weak bones (osteoporosis), a type of “tired blood” (anemia), and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Chromium is an essential trace mineral that can improve insulin sensitivity and enhance protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. It is a metallic element that people need in very small quantities.


Papain is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) as well as fluid retention following trauma and surgery. It is used as a digestive aid and for treating parasitic worms, inflammation of the throat and pharynx, shingles (herpes zoster) symptoms, ongoing diarrhea, hay fever, runny nose, and a skin condition called psoriasis. Papain is also used along with conventional treatments for tumors.

Bromelain (Pineapple)

People use bromelain topically, to remove dead skin from burns, and orally, to reduce inflammation and swelling — particularly of the nasal passages. Bromelain is also used as a digestive aid, for osteoarthritis, and to reduce soreness in aching muscles.
Protease Blend

Protease Blend

A protease is an enzyme that breaks the long, chainlike molecules of proteins so they can be digested. This process is called proteolysis, and it turns protein molecules into shorter fragments, called peptides, and eventually into their components, called amino acids.


Lipase is a digestive enzyme that boosts the absorption of fat in your body by breaking it down into glycerol and free fatty acids. Some studies show that supplementing with lipase may decrease feelings of fullness.


This contains digestive enzymes, which are natural substances needed by the body to help break down and digest food. It is used when the pancreas cannot make or does not release enough digestive enzymes into the gut to digest the food.


Choline is an essential nutrient that regulates vital bodily functions, such as forming cell membranes and aiding communication between neurons. The body does not produce enough choline on its own, so people need to get it from food sources, such as meat, eggs, and vegetables.


Inositol is a carbohydrate that is found naturally in your body and certain foods. It plays many roles in your body, including affecting levels of neurotransmitters and the way your body handles glucose. It may be effective in improving some anxiety disorders and your body's sensitivity to insulin


Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is a chemical found in the folic acid vitamin and also in several foods including grains, eggs, milk, and meat. PABA is taken by mouth for skin conditions including vitiligo, pemphigus, dermatomyositis, morphea, lymphoblastoma cutis, Peyronie's disease, and scleroderma.
Rutin Powder

Rutin Powder

One of rutin's common uses is to ease arthritis pain. A study found that it aided in suppressing oxidative stress in people with arthritis. This may be due to rutin's strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There's also evidence that rutin improves knee function in some who have arthritis.


Molybdenum is a mineral that you need to stay healthy. Your body uses molybdenum to process proteins and genetic material like DNA. Molybdenum also helps break down drugs and toxic substances that enter the body


Potassium is a mineral that your body needs to work properly. It is a type of electrolyte. It helps your nerves to function and muscles to contract. It helps your heartbeat stay regular. It also helps move nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells.


Vanadium is a mineral. It was named for the Norse goddess of beauty, Vanadis, because of its beautiful colors. Vanadium supplements are used as medicine. Vanadium is used for preventing vanadium deficiency. It is also used for prediabetes and diabetes.


Give Your Body the Nutrients You need to Feel Great and Have Increased Energy to Get the Most Out of Your Day

You’ll Also Get Super Green Foods.

While many foods provide a complex range of nutrients, supergreens are considered one of the best sources of nutrition available.

The supermarket is full of greens—kale, chard, spinach, lettuce—but the term supergreen typically refers to a small group of greens from the algae and cereal grass families.

Supergreens are packed with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the body. They contain high levels of chlorophyll and antioxidants.

Because of their highly concentrated nutrient profile, supergreens are believed to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, and promote healthy digestion.

The antioxidants in supergreens are a line of defense against free radicals, which contribute to disease and aging. The enzymes offered by the supergreens appear to aid digestion.


Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is among the world’s most popular supplements. It is loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit your body and brain. Spirulina is a fantastic source of antioxidants, which can protect against oxidative damage.

Organic Chlorella

Chlorella is a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals. It may also act as an antioxidant and help to decrease cholesterol.
Alfalfa Juice

Alfalfa Juice Concentrate

Alfalfa has been shown to help lower cholesterol, and may also have benefits for blood sugar control and relieving symptoms of menopause. People also take it for its high content of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, copper, folate and magnesium. Alfalfa is also extremely low in calories.

Green Tea Extract

Many studies have shown that green tea extract can promote weight loss, blood sugar regulation, disease prevention, and exercise recovery. It can also help keep your skin and liver healthy, reduce blood fat levels, regulate blood pressure, and improve brain health. It can be consumed in capsule, liquid, or powder form.

panax ginseng

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has been used for improving overall health. It has also been used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease. American ginseng has been used for diabetes and for reducing the risk of the common cold and flu. Siberian ginseng has been used for reducing the risk of colds and flu, and for reducing the severity of herpes simplex virus type 2 infections

Here’s What A Few Customers Are Saying


Another Great Product from Dr. Shealy-Sorin!

I purchased Dr. Shealy's Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials Multivitamin under a recommendation from a friend. Firstly; I like the tablet size. I've had multivitamins before that contained horse sized tablets. These tablets are smaller than I was expecting and are super easy to swallow. Second; the ingredient list is RIDICULOUS (in a good way), it reads like a novel. These will now replace 2 other supplements I take every morning (vitamin B and biotin). And lastly, I'm feeling a difference in 3 days. I'm certainly feeling more energy. After a week of taking these, it's 5 stars! I will certainly be re-ordering.

Portrait of an elderly woman

Provided Energy & Some Weight Loss

“Youth Formula has the extras needed with the multi essentials from Dr. Shealy. I trust his work and love this product. Thanks, Dr. Shealy!”

Portrait of an elderly woman

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Youth Formula is remarkable, as, I believe, are all his recommendations for health and wellness. Products are reasonably priced, delivered in a timely fashion and are of excellent quality.”

Here’s What A Few Customers Are Saying

Worth the Money!

I am chronically ill and I began taking these. I am already starting to feel better, if you can believe it. Forget your other vitamins, these are incredible!

Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s Youth Formula & Dr.Shealy-Sorin’s Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials Multivitamin with Super Greens

Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s Youth Formula’s Ingredients


Dr. Shealy-Sorin’s Eco-Green Iron-Free Essentials
with Super Green Ingredients

Green Formula

Flourish by Giving Your Body the Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins & Needed for True Health