C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

I have written before about probiotics, which I consider one of the most essential nutrients. I have long consumed buttermilk and yogurt. Recently, one of my subscribers mentioned that most commercial buttermilk is pasteurized after it is cultured—destroying its primary purpose. So, I bought a gallon of whole milk and experimented.

I get out a clean one quart glass jar. Pour into it about a cup of milk. Then I pull apart 5 Gr8-Dophilus capsules, dropping the powder directly into that milk, swishing it around a bit, and fill the jar with milk. I then cover the jar and let it sit at room temperature 24 hours. Almost instantly, the best, mildest yogurt I have tasted. I have now done it enough to be certain it works every time. Of course you could play with 4 capsules for a slightly more drinkable buttermilk or 6 for a slightly thicker yogurt. Actually you can eat the 5 capsule batch with a spoon or drink it. THE COST IS ONE-FOURTH THAT OF COMMERCIAL YOGURT!! No additives. No sugar. I drink or eat two eight ounce cups daily. There is great evidence that people who eat yogurt daily have healthier immune systems, healthier intestines and are far less prone to weight gain. Of course you can add fresh fruit for an even greater taste treat. And you can make it with fortified skim milk (added dried milk powder): the consistency is the same as with whole milk. If you want a thicker yogurt, you can pour the mix into a funnel with a coffee filter, but I am happy with the courrent consistency.


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