C. Norman Shealy, M.D.,Ph.D

I have never done well with sunglasses, as I cannot see well enough with most of them when I garden. Some years ago my wife gave me a pair of yellow golf glasses and for the first time I could see better than without sun glasses. I do not play golf and they are rather expensive; so, when they got scratched, I searched for other yellow glasses. I have finally found some wonderful inexpensive yellow glasses that work well. They are not 100% UVF protective but I have never worried about that, as I take adequate antioxidants, C, E, beta carotene and astaxanthin, which give the protection needed.

Yellow light is also super for self-esteem, energizing the 3rd chakra.


I have long felt that one of the great errors in allopathic medicine was rejecting homeopathy. I recently recommended an excellent book on Homeopathy and Mental Health. Now, a full year before it comes out by Random House, you can get a copy of another super homeopathy book. I highly recommend it:


by Harvey Bigelsen, M.D.


Disease is a process. This process is the same for everyone:

  • Our emotions determine where we are characteristically tight
  • Our personality determines how we express that tightness
  • The interventions and injuries we experience trigger illnesses, conditions and diseases
  • Blocked flow determines the course of the process

Inflammation is the turning point

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