Wilhelm Reich Was Right
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Wilhelm Reich, the second most important psychiatrist of all time, after Carl Jung, emphasized the importance of orgasm for optimal health. In his most foundational book, THE DISCOVERY OF THE ORGONE: The Function of the Orgasm, Reich said “Psychic disturbances are the results of the sexual chaos brought about by the nature of our society.” Since our society negates life and sex, most individuals develop a pleasure-anxiety. This leads to armoring of the individual and “loneliness, helplessness, craving for authority, fear of responsibility, mystical longing, sexual misery, and impotent rebelliousness.” It was brought on by the development of the patriarchal, authoritarian culture about 6,000 years ago. When God was a woman and not an authoritarian male, sexuality was normal. The chief instrument of the authoritarian culture is “suppression of sexuality in the infant and the adolescent.” And as long as natural orgastic sexual gratification is suppressed, true “democracy and responsible freedom will remain an illusion.” Some have quoted Reich as having said, “Anyone who goes without orgasm for 3 months will become psychotic.” And it is quite clear that he felt that orgasm a minimum of twice a week was essential for health.

In a recent article in American Journal of Cardiology:

January 15, 2010, Volume 105, Issue 2, Pages 192-197 the Framingham Study has finally revealed the fact that men who have an average of 2 or more orgasms per week have a 45% reduction in cardiovascular disease! Vive Reich!! Incidentally, Reich also emphasized the fact that anyone who does not know how to please self with pleasurable masturbation will never have a satisfactory sexual relationship with others. As Xavier Hollander said in ON THE BEST PART OF A MAN, use it or lose it. Those without a committed partner need not lose the health benefits of orgasm.

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