C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
As I have emphasized before, we can live without fat or carbohydrate but protein is essential. We can make carbohydrate and some fats out of the digestion of protein. In addition there are some amino acids which are essential for health. Lack of any one of them leads to problems:
Cysteine—essential for producing glutathione
Most knowledgeable scientists also consider TAURINE essential, as many adults cannot convert methionine to taurine. Taurine is critical for regulating cell membrane potential. It is essential for the retina and is also critical for heart function, where it represents 60% of total free amino acid content of the heart.
It also:
Is crucial for bile production
Lowers blood pressure
Is an antioxidant
Enhances immune function
Strengthens the heart
Protects against diabetes
Helps in treatment of congestive heart failure
Is essential to prevent seizures
Why all this info just on taurine? It is deficient in 86% of depressed patients and most who have epilepsy! AND THERE IS NO TAURINE IN ANY VEGETABLE OR FRUIT!!! Pay attention vegans!
All vegans will ultimately wind up deficient in taurine and B 12. Only animal protein contains taurine! Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best sources of taurine. I most strongly recommend it for vegans.
For this and many other reasons, I favor WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (WPI), which is an all around super nutritional supplement. It contains all the essential amino acids plus taurine, is 99% pure protein, with less than 1% carbohydrate and no fat. Two scoops a day will prevent anyone from becoming deficient in any essential amino acid or taurine. WPI is undoubtedly the best single source of high quality protein. Only people allergic to milk protein need be concerned about taking it. Indeed, well over 75% of the time my lunch consists of a slush of two bananas, a scoop of WPI, a few strawberries and a little half and half. WPI is terrific for a low calorie, high quality food. It is often used by body builders as it is an excellent source of branched chain amino acids, essential for muscle synthesis. A slush such as I mentioned, and it can be made with any fruit, is FAR superior to any of the canned junk so often used in individuals with weight loss, poor appetite, etc!
The best quality WPI I have found is at:?
www.selfhealthsystems.com?? or 888-242-6105. You can click on it on the link on the left.

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