What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic approach and one of the core principles of BIOGENICS® which focuses strongly on personal growth and utilizes principles such as imagination and will.

Strengthening and healing the mind are some of the main goals of psychosynthesis.

This psychological concept also places a strong emphasis on living an intentional life by focusing on directing your energy based on personal beliefs and values. Having an understanding of this important concept can help you live the exact life that you are meant to live, by tapping into the power of the mind to reveal the best version of yourself.

History of Psychosynthesis

The concept of psychosynthesis was coined way before its time by the Italian psychologist, Dr. Roberto Assagioli, in 1923.

He didn’t entirely agree with the Freudian views of psychology that were mainly dominating the field at the time. Striving to find a more holistic and inclusive method for his psychological practice, psychosynthesis was born.


Dr. Assagioli believed that beneath the layers of “identification”, there is a much deeper version of ourselves. This part of ourselves can be nurtured and improved upon with the correct level of awareness. “Disidentification” involves paying attention to your true sense of self, rather than defining yourself based on the ego, or by external roles that you may fill.

It can be easy to believe that aspects of life such as your job or education level are what make you who you are, but in reality your true self is so much deeper than that. Mastering the concept of disidentification can help a person flow through life without having to feel constrained by one way of existing.


Having the ability to share and understand the feelings of another person can also help you understand yourself on a deeper level. Through the concept of empathy, a person can achieve disidentification.

When you are fully understood by another person, you can fully examine your emotional experiences. This provides a further window into your identity and self. Empathy can be practiced in therapy sessions by the therapist, as well as in personal relationships. 


Assagioli believed that introspection can help a person turn inward and understand themselves on a deeper level. By exploring personal experiences, a person can then use their willpower to make changes in life. Understanding the self gives you the ability to act consciously and live an intentional, fulfilling life.

Imagination Versus Will

The power of the human imagination is one of our most miraculous capabilities. Every great idea began with imagination. Imagination and will might seem like contradicting concepts but these concepts actually complement each other. There has been some debate surrounding these topics over the years, centering around the question of: which one is better or more important?

In order to have the willpower to work towards a certain dream or goal, a person must be able to imagine what it is that they want. So really, these two principles must work together and there really isn’t one that is more important. This example represents a positive way that imagination and will can work together. Conversely, a person could imagine negative outcomes and this could stand in the way of their willpower. Overall, finding a focused awareness can help you utilize imagination and will in a way that will fully benefit you.

How Can Psychosynthesis Help You?

Modern medicine has focused on the removal of symptoms that are annoying without making any real changes in the patient’s behaviors.

Psychosynthesis has been successfully used to treat people with anxiety, depression, and trauma. This type of therapy is also great for anyone who is hoping to get to know themselves better and is searching for their purpose in life. In general, the goal of psychosynthesis-based therapy methods is to achieve human growth and development through a deep understanding of oneself.

Guided imagery and visualization are a couple common examples of modern ways that psychosynthesis concepts can be applied. By tapping into the power of your mind, you can grow, heal, thrive, and function efficiently. Having a deeper understanding of who you are as not only a person, but a spiritual being, can help you act with intention and live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

The Ultimate Goal of BIOGENICS®

Psychosynthesis is one of the many concepts that embodies BIOGENICS®, striving to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This concept, combined with others, shows that we are so much more than just the roles we strive to fulfill.

You are so much more than just the body that sits before you when you look in the mirror.

You don’t have to be defined by your chronic illness, mental health struggles, or the stressors that surround you. You are a whole person, with a powerful mind and a brain that has endless potential.

By applying psychosynthesis to turn inward and understand yourself on a deeper level, you can find your soul’s highest calling.

The ultimate goal of BIOGENICS® is to show you how to live your best life and function at your brain’s highest capacity. Our goal is to show you that your life is limitless. If you’re unhappy or unwell, you don’t have to accept what you’re dealing with and settle for discontent.

You can grow, learn, change, and even rewire your brain, no matter your age or background knowledge.

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