WEIGHT BALANCE with Trinfinity8 ?
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
For a number of years I have explored tools to assist weight loss without the number one requirement, WILL POWER, which appears to be missing in a huge majority of overweight people. They will often argue with me about this statement, but I have seen 75 to 90% drop out of safe, simple weight management programs!
When I learned of the Trinfinity8 program, I was intrigued and happily received equipment and permission from the developer, Kathy Forti, Ph.D., to test it. Under an IRB approved protocol, I enrolled 10 obese individuals who agreed to come for the program thirty minutes twice a week for 8 weeks.
Trinfinity8 is a unique Energy Medicine software system which combines mathematical, fractal, musical formulae transmitted visually, audibly and piezoelectrically. It is totally safe and very pleasant and relaxing. Weight, Total Life Stress (TLS), Total Symptom, and Jung test for depression were measured initially and at the end of 8 weeks.
Four individuals dropped out!? While that seems high, it is far better than my last 3 weight control projects!? Incidentally one who dropped out after 4 weeks had already lost 2 ? pounds. The 8 week weight results were losses of:
12.5 pounds (the only male)
5.25 pounds
4.75 pounds
3.5 pounds
2.5 pounds
2 pounds
An average weight loss of 5.1 pounds in 8 weeks with NO RECOMMENDED CHANGE in nutrition or exercise is indeed remarkable. All the participants stated that they enjoyed the sessions and several mentioned that they had had a positive change in attitude. On the other tests changes were decreases in total scores:
TLS ????????Symptoms ???????Depression
? -53????????? -21?????????????????? -9
? -11????????? -8???????????????????? -5
?? 0??????????? -1???????????????????? -3
? -15???????? -17??????????????????? -4
?? 0???????????? 0????????????????????? -1
? -4.?????????? -1???????????????????? ??0 (not depressed to start)
Incidentally, Trinfinity8 has a number of programs other than Weight Balance. Two worth mentioning are increased libido for women or men. There is potential for many more research and clinical projects. ?Trinfinity8 is clearly a safe and effective Energy Medicine tool for stress reduction. It is a potentially powerful adjunct to enhance weight loss, especially when combined with an optimal nutritional program and physical exercise.



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