C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

There is more scientific proof of the efficacy of D 3 than for any drug. It is not only the single most important boost for immune function; it also protects against and assists in recovery from a variety of diseases. First, the deficiency problems.
D is deficient in:
All cancers
Multiple sclerosis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Crohn’s disease
Renal failure
Diabetes, both Type I and Type II
Poor physical fitness

Benefits of D 3:
Improves energy and libido
Prevents flu and most infections
Essential to reverse osteoporosis
Improves health and helps recovery from most autoimmune diseases, diabetes, coronary disease, many cancers, most illnesses.

The bottom line:
Everyone needs D 3. For adults, the IDEAL is 50,000 units once a week. For children under 12, 50,000 units once a month. For individuals over 140 pounds, 50,000 units daily is generally safe if you do not take any calcium supplements and have normal kidney function. BUT, if you do that you must check calcium levels frequently. The amount of calcium in a multivitamin/mineral is fine and calcium foods are fine. If you do choose to take 50,000 units daily, do not check your D 3 level for at least 8 months, as it will be very high for at least that long. HOWEVER, check your calcium level in about 6 weeks and at least every 6 months! If you are not going to check the calcium levels, do not take more than 50,000 units of D 3 once a week!! Blood calcium levels are the only test related to the D 3 that make sense. If your blood calcium level is within the normal range, then there is no known toxicity.

For everyone not on Coumadin or warfarin, 100 to 150 micrograms of vitamin K 2 enhances the benefits of D 3.

As an adult, take 50,000 units of D 3 the day before, the day of and at least one day afterwards!! I do not recommend the vaccines.

Obviously there are many other immune enhancing factors:

  1. A positive attitude. Nothing is more important. You cannot afford the luxury of depression, anxiety, or fear. Avoid watching the news. It rarely has GOOD news. I check the headlines in the NY TIMES. I read very few of the articles. Reading the news is far less negative than watching it! Laugh a lot. Watch GOOD comedy or listen to old comedy programs. Sing and chant. It is good for the immune system.
  2. Excellent nutrition, emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables, Alaskan fish, range-fed chickens. Incidentally most canned pink salmon is wild Alaskan salmon. Blueberries, pomegranates, and cherries are super. Fresh oranges and apples, not frozen concentrates, are also good. Avoid sugar and starches.
  3. Build up to a sauna or hot soak daily. Apply castor oil on the abdomen and magnesium lotion liberally before either. Heat enhances immune function remarkably better than virtually any other activity.
  4. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Build to a minimum of an hour daily. Outside when possible. Get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin daily.
  5. Avoid coffee and cigarette smoke.
  6. A glass of wine daily is fine
  7. If you wish to take flu shots, insist on having them intradermally, 0.1 cc, once a week for three weeks. At least this will not produce flu-like symptoms
  8. At the mere suggestion of a sore throat, take Zinc lozenges up to 4 daily. The generic brands are fine
  9. If you are prone to viral infections or frail, be sure you take the following:Youth Formula, 4 daily (vitamin C and MSM, with glucan and molybdenum)
    Essentials, 2 to 4 depending on weight
    Glucan one teaspoon twice daily
    Glutamine, one teaspoon three times a day
    Vitamin D 3, 2000 units daily
  10. Add the other three natural techniques for enhancing normal production of DHEA, Eugesterone cream, magnesium lotion and stimulation of the Ring of Fire-all discussed in earlier newsletters
  11. Keep occilococcinum, a homeopathic preparation, on hand. Try it first for several hours if flu symptoms develop. Just a few pellets under the tongue, each hour
  12. Keep in your freezer at least 10 ramantadine pills. If you are significantly exposed to someone with flu, take one daily for several days. If you are unequivocally having flu symptoms and occilococcinum fails to stop symptoms within a few hours, take two ramantadine daily for 5 days. UNDER NO CIRCUNSTANCE give TamiFlu to a child! I will not take it myself.
  13. If flu sets in, take a castor oil bath daily. See earlier newsletter on the Palma Christi
  14. Drink at least two quarts of non-chlorinated water daily. Make at least two cups of this as hot lemon tea
  15. Love your life and your body!


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