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Upcoming 8th Annual Tapping World Summit
Iyanla Vanzant Video

If you’re struggling to achieve the financial growth that you yearn for, I want recommend you watch a powerful new video just released…
Iyanla Vanzant Video

In this new video, just released as part of the lead-up to the upcoming 8th Annual Tapping World Summit, Iyanla Vanzant, star of the TV hit show “Iyanla: Fix My Life” on the OWN network, shares valuable insight on how we lock ourselves into a poverty consciousness and what we can do to address it, and move beyond it, to create the financial future we deserve. At one point in her life, Iyanla was earning over $1 million dollars per year, but was still struggling to pay her bills. As she shares in the video… she was stuck in a poverty consciousness because of beliefs about money that she had learned in her childhood. It wasn’t until she discovered that she had to change her energy around money that she was finally able to move forward and create the freedom she so wanted. If you’re struggling to achieve the level of comfort and security that you want around money , make sure to watch this video:
Iyanla Vanzant Video

In the video, Iyanla will go far beyond talking about finances alone, to get at the core of what drives us all. She’ll share…
– How she started using Tapping to change her life nearly 15 years ago and why she still loves this technique for creating personal change. (And why she always uses this technique with people on her show, even though it’s not always shown!)
– Why it’s important to increase your emotional library to be able to express and release stuck emotions.
– The power of love
– Why she believes that there is no wound deep enough that love can not heal, and how you can make the oftentimes difficult shift to finally loving and accepting yourself.
-The difference between a creating a boundary and a wall (hint: most people create walls, not boundaries). – The importance of taking the time to pause.
– And much more!

This is a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud video with spectacular, life-changing information that I know you’ll love.

Go here to see it now: Iyanla Vanzant Video

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