One of the many karmic debts of our ex-Secretary of War is his fostering aspartame on the world. EQUAL is anything but equal, as if being equal to sugar is good!! And of course the FDA is a co-conspirator in the crime of allowing this potentially poisonous material over the counter.

Aspartame UNEQUIVOCALLY worsens:

  • Hypertension
  • Migraine
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity

Taken together these 4 major illnesses affect well over two-thirds of Americans. Other than the known biochemical damage in patients with the first 3 of these illnesses, aspartame contributes to excess weight and obesity because it artificially:

  • Stimulates your appetite
  • Increases carb cravings
  • Stimulates fat storage and weight gain!

Indeed, drinking a can a day of ''diet'' pop provides the average consumer an opportunity to add about 15 pounds per year. Indeed the calories in one can of regular ''Coke, 139, will also add only 15 pounds per year. But since people think diet is good, they are more likely to drink even more of this toxin. Now instead of a can of junk pop, you could enjoy the following for approximately the same number of healthier calories:

  • One banana
  • Two and a half apples
  • 7 oz of whole milk and skim would be better!
  • 4 teaspoons of butter
  • A whole grain roll
  • A container of yogurt
  • An oz of Bailey's Irish Cream (still better than pop!!)

The next great hoax, according to a recent news report, is the planned introduction by Coca-Cola in the spring of diet coke with added vitamins! JUNK IS JUNK and no amount of vitamin supplementation will make it healthy! Of course all ''artificial'' sweeteners have the same effect of fooling your hypothalamus and stimulating appetite, carb craving, and increased fat storage. We do not know yet whether the latest scam, Splendor, will have the additional harmful effect of worsening hypertension, migraine and epilepsy. But it has no health value. Real food is the answer.

The bottom line is:

Un-Equal is indeed a war upon your health! You can't afford the luxury of eating or drinking this reported ant poison. Or any other non-food junk!




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