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Third Party Rape

Twenty years ago I wrote a book with the above title. I had come
to the conclusion that Government, Hospitals, the Insurance Industry
and the Legal Profession were essentially a conspiracy to control
everything related to medicine, oxymoronically called “health care”.
The first sentence was “In the beginning Blue-Cross-Blue Shield begat
the Evil Empire.” Actually, the big intrusion of Government began in
1965 with Medicare. Total American COSTS for medical care went from
4.5% to 12% by 1970! In another 12 years the Government began the
stupid Diagnosis Related Groups. By that time the PharmacoMafia had
?joined the conspiracy cabal and by the late 80’s even the New England
Journal of Medicine had a crucial article entitled “Delay, Delay, Delay,
Deny”, emphasizing the Insurance Mafia’s modus operandi. Soon I was
forced to sue Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the Social Security provider for
HCFA. After 5 years I got 36 judgments in which the Federal Judge said
“I find Dr. Shealy credible. I do not find Blue Cross-Blue Shield or HCFA credible.”

Despite that victory, I found the Insurance Mafia, at all levels–Federal, Private, etc,
collectively far more trouble that I was willing to handle. In the early 90’s Hospitals
began Mafioso tactics to OWN most physician practices! One of the greatest
Conflicts of Interest in history! Meanwhile the greatest accomplice in the take over
of American Medicine, the FDA, allowed the PharmacoMafia to advertise freely on
TV. Few physicians truly understand the multitude of prescription complications and
interactions. There is no way the average patient can avoid being taken
by the subliminal and open drug info crap! For at least the last 20 years,
I have said, “I am happy I am the age I am now. I would not choose to go
into medicine as a young person today.” Of course, the horrendous bureaucratic
DISASTER has only begun and it will be magnified many fold next year!Incidentally,
despite the huge cost of medical care, many times that of any other country,
we are f
ar less healthy than we were in the 1950’s!

I wanted to be a physician at age 4 and a neurosurgeon at age 16. I have
no regrets over my choices, including my moving into Pain Management
and Holistic Medicine. I have loved my career. I am also delighted that,
as a Holistic Physician, I can decide for myself what approach I wish to
?take for my health. I am 80, I feel 26 and am physically and
mentally as active as I have ever been. I have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and very
healthy habits.

I have one tremendous bit of advice for everyone, “Take care of
yourself”. The system is just as broken as is the federal government.
The best is far behind us. But, if you avoid unhealthy habits and
embrace fully healthy ones, you can avoid at least 75% of illnesses!

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