Thinking Out Loud is a facilitated discussion meeting that explores the ramifications of social mores, the nature of human life, and anything else under the sun. The goal of this program of practical philosophy is to help libraries, retirement communities, and other venues engage the public in reflection and discussion on topics such as the importance of reputation, close-mindedness, the nature of beauty, patience, friendship, optimism, and similar subjects.

The purpose of each meeting is to encourage people to think and reflect deeply on the issues raised: to learn the art of pondering. It is not a showcase for people to vent opinions or complaints; no bloviating will be allowed. Our goal is to define the larger ideas that underlie the issues discussed-and to have fun. Raillery will be welcomed and encouraged.

It is not our intent to resolve issues or reach a consensus of opinion. We seek to understand ideas, not form opinions about them! There is just one rule: we do not discuss partisan political issues.

Sample Topics

“How much of what we call ‘history’ is inaccurate, because it was rewritten by historians with an agenda? Can we rely on the ‘lessons’ history teaches?”

“What is common sense? Why do so few people seem to have it?”

“What are the roots of optimism? Are we genetically hardwired to remain optimistic, or is this a habit that must be learned?”

“Can music stimulate the development and organization of human thinking? Can bad music destroy the capacity to think clearly?”

“Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or does it have a life and design of its own?”

“Are the 10 Commandments a summary of good ideas to live by, or the inspiration of a higher source?”

“How much is human thought controlled by ideologies?”

“What is “tolerance’? How active is your respect for the thoughts and perspectives of others?”

“Is it ever useful to “burn your bridges” when ending a relationship, leaving a job, or expressing disgust? Isn’t the idea of burning bridges a bit melodramatic?”

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Thinking Out Loud is sponsored by Light, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation focused on helping humanity develop thinking skills. Thinking Out Loud sessions are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Individuals may subscribe to Thinking Out Loud for $20 for one year, $30 for two years. Businesses may subscribe for $40 for one year per location, $70 for two years. Libraries, retirement centers, and similar groups that wish to sponsor sessions may apply for subscriptions endowed by grants.

Contact Light at (770) 894-4226, or by return email. Subscriptions can be paid for by credit card, PayPal, or check.


88 North Gate Station Drive, #106

Marble Hill, GA 30148


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