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The Will to Heal-The Will to Feel-

The Will to Hear-The Will to Listen

Conversing with One’s Higher Self

” I want what you have.”
“What have I that you perceive you lack?”
“Peace. Assurance. Stability. Tranquility.
I believe I had them once and oh, how I want them back!”
“Do you hear what you are saying? Do you think you may be praying?
Do you let the world sweep you away?
Do you listen to your open heart?
Do you place the horse before the cart?
Take on others problems?
Ruminate. Have debts to pay?
Consider, please…
Now that’s a start…
Do you long to know the reason why?
Do you act on your convictions?
Do you hold back, even fail to try?
Pardon me, I should not pry…
But I…
I have peace mostly when I DO release-
What I’ve grown to accept I can’t control.
When I truly trust Truth’s heart and soul
Listening to Thy Will.
Remains my goal.
Georgianne Ginder
March 8, 2016
Turning “My Story” from one of lack to one of glory. One of victim to one of healer. One of abandonment to one of reaching out to help another. One of physical loss to finding metaphysical grace and ever-present potential for health, love and joy. Of finding meaning despite a world spinning out of balance, and out of whack. (Whacky stuff!); What is it that I can do to improve what is…how to meditate upon this- forgive, forgo……and give love back. GSG
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