When Rachel Carson wrote her masterpiece, the green and ecology movements were relatively small. Despite 50 years of growth in awareness of the pollution of the earth, pollution has mushroomed, thanks often to our FDA, USDA and EPA. We have known for at least 30 years that nitrosamines, widely used and in fact pushed by the FDA, are harmful. All ”processed” meats (bacon, sausage, hotdogs, ham, salami and so-called luncheon or sandwich meats), are loaded with nitrates. Now, there are two articles demonstrating that just 3 servings a week double your chances of developing stomach and pancreatic cancer. Nitrates are also increasingly in our ground water, thanks to USDA and BIG CHEM pushing nitrate fertilizers.

BIG CHEM, often part of the PharmacoMafia has provided us with hundreds of thousands of poisons. Bisphenol A has been found in the urine of 95% of Americans. It alters cellular function, damages fetal development, damages sexual development, markedly decreases fertility as well as cuts dramatically the number of male offspring, increases the incidence of prostate cancer and multiple Myeloma. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, the play is not too bad! Bisphenol A is present in many ”pesticides” and herbicides and of course in some plastic bottles, etc. Indeed it is only one of many ”synthetic” chemicals that act like estrogens as well as just plain poisons. Today we have scores of toxic pesticides, herbicides, detergents, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and industrial chemicals dumped into our air and groundwater. Remember DDT, supposedly banned in this country some years ago. Our BIG CHEM industry exports it to many other countries which use it on the fruits and vegetables imported back into the U.S. Many of these poisons cause infertility, birth defects, miscarriages, stillbirths, learning disorders, aggressive behavior, and cancer, especially of breast, prostate and lymphatic system. And of course let us not forget transfats which have been known to be harmful for at least 50 years, but the FDA allows them in any food, like McNuggetts.

Obviously there is little any individual can do to avoid many of these toxins. There is relatively little truly natural, organic food but you can help protect yourself by:

  • Avoiding all ”processed” meats
  • Avoiding aluminum cans, especially pop-up tops
  • Avoiding all fast food, junk restaurants – I do and always have!
  • Use glass bottles and containers when possible
  • Avoid microwave ovens, especially with packaged food
  • Use a good water filter on your water at home
  • Avoid aluminum cookware
  • Avoid Teflon coated cookware
  • Avoid petrochemical pesticides – use Bacillus Thurgensis, borax, rotenone, insecticide soap, etc
  • Avoid chemical fertilizers – use well rotted manure
  • Raise as much of your food as is feasible
  • Support and buy organic when possible
  • Avoid herbicides-pick the weeds!
  • Use real soap and not detergents – incidentally lye soap is mild and natural!
  • Be sure you take at least 2 grams of vitamin C and one gram of MSM daily (available in my Youth Formula)
  • Take at least 25 mg of B complex daily
  • Use magnesium lotion
  • Sweat a lot! Saunas are one of he greatest detoxifiers known
  • Avoid silver/mercury fillings. Have any you already have removed by someone trained by Hal Huggins, DDS
  • Live outside cities if possible
  • Avoid living near high intensity power grids
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from TV-avoid most of it anyway!
  • Relax well and often
  • Don’t sweat what you cannot control or change!

The naturalist approach remains to be adequately studied or tried. However, as a Naturalist, I am encouraged by a remarkable book worth reading, THE GREAT GYPSY MOTH WAR, by Robert J. Spear, U. of Massachusetts Press, Amherst and Boston, 2005. It is an intriguing story of the stupidity of human beings, the evolution of dangerous pesticides which failed, and ultimately the triumph of a natural remedy. May we be so fortunate in many other situations!

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