C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Since his masterpiece in 1960, THE MYTH OF MENTAL ILLNESS, Thomas Szasz has been one of the few sane, rational psychiatrists. There are all too few!? The majority of American psychiatrists today are simple pawns for the PharmacoMafia, not as competent as the average garage mechanic, simply multiplying imaginary illnesses to be treated with dangerous, unproven, unsafe and dangerous drugs. NO PSYCHOTHERAPY. Just drug after drug, compounding whatever dysfunction that started the slippery trail. Indeed, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKKOO’S NEST may be the most realistic view of the depraity that has led psychiatrists away from anything that could be said to rest on the foundations of William James, Carl Jung. Wilhelm Reich, or some of the greats of the distant past. From ice pick frontal lobotomies, to electric shock just short of the electric chair, to insulin shock therapy, paychiatrists (purposeful mispelling!) for the past 70 years have floundered, while imposing great harm on millions of people. Many of their treatments would have fit well into the Nazi regime’s scheme. They have ignored even a semblance of true psychotherapy.

Edward Shorter of the University of Toronto is one of the few today who publicy criticizes the insanity of the profession, which is about as psychotic as any patient could be. See….

What most people need when they experience sadness, anxiety or confusion is a good Humanistic or Spiritual counselor. Obviously there are conditions which need first a competent medical or neurological examination, as there are physical, chemical, and physiological causes of mind problems. In general, avoid most psychiatrist as if they are the crematoriums.


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