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The Most Important Tests for Health

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

If you are healthy and have no significant symptoms, then it is unlikely that the usual “annual” tests of CBC and Metabolic panel will show anything. In fact many feel that the annual exam for healthy, asymptomatic people is a waste of time and money. So if you have no significant symptoms that suggest asking a physician for help, here is what I recommend:

By age 40:

Homocysteine-if it is above 7.5 you are at significant risk of heart disease. Easily controlled with methyl 12, methyl folate and vitamin C

Nagalase-if above one, you need careful evaluation of vitamin D level. Elevated nagalase is associated with increased risk of cancer and serious viral diseases like HIV

Calcium score-CT of heart. This is particularly pertinent for men. For women, unless strong family disease history of heart disease, wait until 50. May be time to start ECP!
By age 50:
Time to take stock of your telomeres. If you have had good health habits, your telomeres, the tips of your DNA, will have shrunk 50% since birth. Have the test done at Repeat Diagnostics in Vancouver, Canada. The American companies doing this test are crummy. If you are below average, time to use Fire, Earth and Crystal Bliss every day!
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