The Moral Molecule—The Source of Love and Prosperity

Paul J. Zak, Dutton, NY, 2012

An enthusiastic review by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

For at least 2 decades, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) has been the most “popular” hormone; and indeed it is a significant indicator of “burn out.” It is rapidly becoming obvious that oxytocin is at least a top contender for equal enthusiasm. In the last decade, oxytocin deficiency has been implicated as a major component of ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, borderline personality, OCD and even schizophrenia. Some additional remarkable aspects of the nurturing, bonding hormone:

  • Oxytocin is blocked by dihydrotestosterone—the one that contributes to male aggression, baldness, and prostate enlargement or cancer
  • Constant high blood levels of oxytocin are found in what I call financial sociopaths and Zak calls greedy “bastards.” Hmm, Wall Street at its best! It turns out you need the intermittent surges of Oxytocin for empathy, receptivity, and moral behavior.
  • The ultimate oxytocin deficient individuals are psychopaths, who murder without conscience
  • Tolerance and trust are basic benefits of adequate oxytocin
  • The oldest living and healthiest community in the U.S. is Loma Linda, not just because of the dominant religion, Seventh-Day Adventism, but because of the intrinsic empathetic attitude that is predominant.

Perhaps the most striking report in this book is the relation of national tolerance and national income. As with most worldwide comparisons today, the United States is significantly BELOW 12 other countries–Chile, Taiwan, Uruguay, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Iraq, Netherlands, France, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden! The bottom line is, you cannot afford the “luxury” of being oxytocin deficient. Obviously, I recommend that you start with daily Air Bliss.

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